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World vs World armor refers to armor that can be acquired by playing World versus World. Many of these armor sets have unique skins which can only be acquired in this game mode.

Badges of Honor[edit]

The Armor Master sells exotic armor sets for coin and Badges of Honor. The armor pieces are soulbound upon acquisition. The skins from the light and medium sets are unique.

The sets are available (and separated by vendor tabs) with Invaders (Soldier's), Knight's, Carrion, Cleric's, Berserker's, and Rabid prefixes.

Armor Costs - Combined coin and badges
Armor Coin Badges
Head 88 Silver coin 150 Badges of Honor
Shoulders 94 Silver coin 165 Badges of Honor
Chest Gold coin 200 Badges of Honor
Hands 80 Silver coin 120 Badges of Honor
Legs 96 Silver coin 185 Badges of Honor
Feet 86 Silver coin 130 Badges of Honor
Total Gold coin 44 Silver coin 950 Badges of Honor

The vendor also has a tab for "Other" armor, which includes consumable item skins. These skins are not unique to World versus World.

Reward Track[edit]

Completing the Triumphant Armor Reward Track awards you with a Triumphant Armor Box which will allow you to select a piece of Triumphant armor.

Skirmish Claim Tickets[edit]

The Skirmish Supervisor sells exotic and ascended pieces of Triumphant Hero's armor if its corresponding Triumphant armor piece has been unlocked. The ascended pieces can be upgraded to legendary.

Additionally, at high WvW ranks, Mistforged Triumphant Hero's armor can also be purchased. These are ascended pieces and can also be upgraded to legendary.


The Karma Trader sells fine, masterwork, and rare sets for karma. These skins are not unique to World versus World.

Armor Costs
Armor Fine Masterwork Rare
Head 1,323 Karma.png 4,032 Karma.png 14,301 Karma.png
Shoulders 1,176 Karma.png 3,584 Karma.png 12,712 Karma.png
Chest 1,911 Karma.png 5,824 Karma.png 20,657 Karma.png
Hands 1,323 Karma.png 4,032 Karma.png 14,301 Karma.png
Legs 1,764 Karma.png 5,376 Karma.png 19,068 Karma.png
Feet 1,323 Karma.png 4,032 Karma.png 14,301 Karma.png
Total 8,820 Karma.png 26,880 Karma.png 95,340 Karma.png