Flamekissed Light Armor Skin

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the container. For the armor overview page, see Flamekissed armor.
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Flamekissed Light Armor Skin

Item type
Account Bound
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Contains a single-use armor skin for light helm, coat, legs, boots, shoulders, and gloves.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Black Lion Statuette (currently unavailable)
30 Black Lion Statuette.png
Black Lion Statuette (currently unavailable)
30 Black Lion Statuette.png
Gem Store/storage Gem Store (currently unavailable) 800 Gem.png


Upon opening this container, the following items will be placed in your inventory. Each of them is a consumable skin item that can be used in the wardrobe to apply a new appearance to the corresponding piece of light armor.


  • Originally released with the Fractured game release.
  • Prior to the 4th February 2014 patch, this set shared the same base design as Sorcerer's armor, which is human cultural tier 3 light armor. After a subsequent update, the entire set shares the same base design as crafted Feathered armor.
  • A day after the release, the set was removed from the Gem Store after player outcry over the similarity with the tier 3 human cultural armor being available for every race. It was redesigned and re-released at a later date. [1] On February 4th 2014, the set was re-released in the Gem Store.

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