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Profession mechanic[edit]

Skill Link ID Trait
Virtue of Justice.png Virtue of Justice 9115
Virtue of Resolve.png Virtue of Resolve 9120
9250 Absolute Resolution.png
Virtue of Courage.png Virtue of Courage 9118
9268 Trait XII.png



Skill Link ID
Strike.png Strike 9137
Redirect Arrow.pngVengeful Strike.png Vengeful Strike 9138
Redirect Arrow.pngWrathful Strike.png Wrathful Strike 9139
Whirling Wrath.png Whirling Wrath 9081
Leap of Faith.png Leap of Faith 9080
Symbol of Wrath.png Symbol of Wrath 9146
Binding Blade.png Binding Blade 9147
Redirect Arrow.pngPull (guardian skill).png Pull 9226


Skill Link ID
Hammer Swing (guardian skill).png Hammer Swing 9159
Redirect Arrow.pngHammer Bash (guardian skill).png Hammer Bash 9160
Redirect Arrow.pngSymbol of Protection.png Symbol of Protection 9161
Mighty Blow.png Mighty Blow 9194
Zealot's Embrace.png Zealot's Embrace 9260
Banish.png Banish 9124
Ring of Warding.png Ring of Warding 9195


Skill Link ID
Wave of Wrath.png Wave of Wrath 9122
Holy Strike.png Holy Strike 9140
Redirect Arrow.pngDetonate Orb of Light.png Detonate Orb of Light 9141
Symbol of Swiftness.png Symbol of Swiftness 9143
Empower.png Empower 9265
Line of Warding.png Line of Warding 9144


Skill Link ID
True Strike.png True Strike 9109
Redirect Arrow.pngPure Strike.png Pure Strike 9110
Redirect Arrow.pngFaithful Strike.png Faithful Strike 9108
Symbol of Faith.png Symbol of Faith 9111
Protector's Strike.png Protector's Strike 9086


Skill Link ID
Orb of Wrath.png Orb of Wrath 9098
Symbol of Punishment.png Symbol of Punishment 9090
Chains of Light.png Chains of Light 9099


Skill Link ID
Sword of Wrath.png Sword of Wrath 9105
Redirect Arrow.pngSword Arc.png Sword Arc 9106
Redirect Arrow.pngSword Wave.png Sword Wave 9227
Symbol of Blades.png Symbol of Blades 9097
Zealot's Defense.png Zealot's Defense 9107


Skill Link ID
Ray of Judgment.png Ray of Judgment 9112
Shield of Wrath.png Shield of Wrath 9082


Skill Link ID
Shield of Judgment.png Shield of Judgment 15834
Shield of Absorption.png Shield of Absorption 9091
Redirect Arrow.pngShield of Absorption (sequence).png Shield of Absorption 9224


Skill Link ID
Zealot's Flame.png Zealot's Flame 9104
Redirect Arrow.pngZealot's Fire.png Zealot's Fire 9089
Cleansing Flame.png Cleansing Flame 9088


Skill Link ID
Spear of Light.png Spear of Light 9189
Zealot's Flurry.png Zealot's Flurry 9190
Brilliance.png Brilliance 9191
Symbol of Spears.png Symbol of Spears 9192
Wrathful Grasp.png Wrathful Grasp 9193


Skill Link ID
Light Ball.png Light Ball 9205
Purify.png Purify 9207
Redirect Arrow.pngBrilliance.png Purifying Blast 9234
Symbol of Light.png Symbol of Light 9208
Refraction.png Refraction 9209
Weight of Justice.png Weight of Justice 9206

Healing skills[edit]

Skill Link ID
Cold Wind.png Healing Breeze 9083
Shelter.png Shelter 9102
Signet of Resolve.png Signet of Resolve 9158

Utility skills[edit]


Skill Link ID Trait
Hallowed Ground.png Hallowed Ground 9253
9188 Trait III.png
Purging Flames.png Purging Flames 9187
9252 Trait III.png
Sanctuary.png Sanctuary 9128
9254 Trait III.png
Wall of Reflection.png Wall of Reflection 9251
9094 Trait III.png


Skill Link ID Trait
Contemplation of Purity.png Contemplation of Purity 9248
9197 Trait X.png
Judge's Intervention.png Judge's Intervention 9247
9164 Trait X.png
Merciful Intervention.png Merciful Intervention 9246
9232 Trait X.png
Smite Condition.png Smite Condition 9245
9101 Trait X.png


Skill Link ID
"Hold the Line!".png "Hold the Line!" 9152
"Retreat!".png "Retreat!" 9084
"Save Yourselves!".png "Save Yourselves!" 15721
"Stand Your Ground!".png "Stand Your Ground!" 9153


Skill Link ID Trait
Bane Signet.png Bane Signet 9093
9241 Perfect Inscriptions.png
Signet of Judgment.png Signet of Judgment 9150
9242 Perfect Inscriptions.png
Signet of Mercy.png Signet of Mercy 9163
9243 Perfect Inscriptions.png
Signet of Wrath.png Signet of Wrath 9151
9244 Perfect Inscriptions.png

Spirit weapon[edit]

Skill Link ID
Bow of Truth.png Bow of Truth 9175
Redirect Arrow.pngCommand (bow).png Command 9178
Hammer of Wisdom.png Hammer of Wisdom 9125
Redirect Arrow.pngCommand (hammer).png Command 9134
Shield of the Avenger.png Shield of the Avenger 9182
Redirect Arrow.pngCommand (shield).png Command 9185
Sword of Justice.png Sword of Justice 9168
Redirect Arrow.pngCommand (sword).png Command 9171

Elite skills[edit]

Skill Link ID
Renewed Focus.png Renewed Focus 9154
Tome of Courage.png Tome of Courage 9203
Redirect Arrow.pngLeave Transform.png Leave Transform 10700
Tome of Wrath.png Tome of Wrath 9219
Redirect Arrow.pngLeave Transform.png Leave Transform 10700

Tome of Courage.png Tome of Courage
Skill Link ID
Heal Area.png Heal Area 9202
Purifying Ribbon.png Purifying Ribbon 9198
Protective Spirit.png Protective Spirit 9199
Pacifism.png Pacifism 9200
Light of Deliverance.png Light of Deliverance 9201
Tome of Wrath.png Tome of Wrath
Skill Link ID
Conflagrate.png Conflagrate 9214
Affliction.png Affliction 9215
Smiter's Boon.png Smiter's Boon 9216
"Feel My Wrath!".png Zealot's Fervor 9217
Judgment (skill).png Judgment 9218


Skill Link ID
Wrath.png Wrath 9149
Wave of Light.png Wave of Light 9096
Symbol of Judgment.png Symbol of Judgment 9095
Bandage.png Bandage 1175
Skill Link ID
Shackle.png Shackle 9212
Reveal the Depths.png Reveal the Depths 9211
Renewing Current.png Renewing Current 9210
Bandage.png Bandage 1175