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References (from Ge4ce)[edit]

Reference consistency[edit]

I'm getting a bit confused. So just summing up the website references I've come across. Consistency is important, especially for our sources. I'm doing references as:

  • <ref>[reference-link article-title], website name<ref>
  • <ref>[reference-link article-title], [[person name]], website name<ref> (with specific interviews or information from employees (or former employees) of ArenaNet or NCSoft will get a [[ ]].)
  • <ref>[reference-link article-title], website name, at #:##, ##:## and #:##:##<ref> (for trailers, clips, movies or videos with timestamps)
  • Minor differences can be there if websites are in different languages, (french), (german), or when a translation is mentioned. This should not be in the hyperlink part of the reference, but after the website name and/or timestamps.
  • The 'article-title' part can also be a post from a forum, page of a magazine or perhaps a tweet. For forum post, name the topic title. For a magazine, place the article's name and as 'website name' the magazine. For a tweet, use the persons name as 'article-title'.

Website naming[edit]

  • ArenaNet blog
  • GameSpot (capital S, as seen in copyright stuff)
  • ('buffed' itself didn't seem too sourcy)
  • Kill Ten Rats (spaces, as per website)
  • Official Guild Wars 2 website
  • OnlineWelten
  • OnRPG
  • PC Gamer
  • Ten Ton Hammer (spaces, as per website)
  • (As is a bank, and the gamesite IGN has a lot of categories, as it came from the UK.)
  • YouTube