Abaddon weapon skins

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Abaddon weapon skins were introduced during the release of One Path Ends.


Hand Skin name
Main Hand
Abaddon Axe.png Abaddon Axe
Abaddon Dagger.png Abaddon Dagger
Abaddon Mace.png Abaddon Mace
Abaddon Pistol.png Abaddon Pistol
Abaddon Scepter.png Abaddon Scepter
Abaddon Sword.png Abaddon Sword
Off hand Abaddon Focus.png Abaddon Focus
Abaddon Warhorn.png Abaddon Warhorn
Abaddon Torch.png Abaddon Torch
Abaddon Shield.png Abaddon Shield
Terrestrial Abaddon Greatsword.png Abaddon Greatsword
Abaddon Hammer.png Abaddon Hammer
Abaddon Longbow.png Abaddon Longbow
Abaddon Rifle.png Abaddon Rifle
Abaddon Short Bow.png Abaddon Short Bow
Abaddon Staff.png Abaddon Staff