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Spirit Vale weapons

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Spirit Vale weapons are a partial ascended weapons set that is available from the boss encounters in Spirit Vale.

Each set component has a selection of stats based on the weapon's prefix (Assaulter's, Defender's, Healer's, and Malicious).



Weapon Type
Assaulter Defender Healer Malicious
Dagger Assaulter's Sparking Dagger.png Assaulter's Sparking Dagger Assaulter's Sparking Dagger.png Defender's Sparking Dagger Assaulter's Sparking Dagger.png Healer's Sparking Dagger Assaulter's Sparking Dagger.png Malicious Sparking Dagger
Greatsword Assaulter's Sparking Vanquisher.png Assaulter's Sparking Vanquisher Assaulter's Sparking Vanquisher.png Defender's Sparking Vanquisher Assaulter's Sparking Vanquisher.png Healer's Sparking Vanquisher Assaulter's Sparking Vanquisher.png Malicious Sparking Vanquisher
Shield Assaulter's Spirit Ward.png Assaulter's Spirit Ward Assaulter's Spirit Ward.png Defender's Spirit Ward Assaulter's Spirit Ward.png Healer's Spirit Ward Assaulter's Spirit Ward.png Malicious Spirit Ward
Staff Assaulter's Spirit Branch.png Assaulter's Spirit Branch Assaulter's Spirit Branch.png Defender's Spirit Branch Assaulter's Spirit Branch.png Healer's Spirit Branch Assaulter's Spirit Branch.png Malicious Spirit Branch
Rifle Sabetha's Rifle.png Sabetha's Assaulter Boomstick Sabetha's Rifle.png Sabetha's Defender Boomstick Sabetha's Rifle.png Sabetha's Healer Boomstick Sabetha's Rifle.png Sabetha's Malicious Boomstick