Caladbolg weapons

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Caladbolg weapons are a set of weapons which are part of the Caladbolg Regrown story missions and of the Sword Taxonomy achievement.


Item Type Chat link
Main hand
Caladbolg Solana.png Caladbolg Solana Dagger
Caladbolg Iridi.png Caladbolg Iridi Scepter
Caladbolg Rosa.png Caladbolg Rosa Sword
Broken Caladbolg.png Broken Caladbolg Sword
Off hand
Caladbolg Astera.png Caladbolg Astera Shield
Caladbolg Orchida.png Caladbolg Orchida Greatsword
  • The additional skin below is awarded for completing the Sword Taxonomy collection:
Type Skin Skin link
Greatsword Caladbolg Origin.png Caladbolg Origin