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Update - March 08, 2016[edit]

New Features and Content[edit]


Salvation Pass[edit]

New information regarding the whereabouts of the missing Pact squad leader has come to light. Follow the trail deeper inside the mysterious bandit complex, but be prepared for anything, as strange creatures and grim discoveries litter your path to the truth. Fight your way to the temple on the hill to uncover the mystery of how it all began. Form a ten-person raid squad and enter Salvation Pass from the northeast corner of Verdant Brink. Take on epic encounters and demanding challenges of skill in your journey for legendary armor.


Some members of the following guilds had access to the raid at various stages of development. We'd like to thank them for their time and feedback.

  • [Att] Attuned
  • [DnT] Death and Taxes
  • [EG] Ethereal Guardians
  • [KING] Immortal Kingdom
  • [NA] The Sickest Guild
  • [SC] Snow Crows
  • [vC] Vis Invicta

Balance, Bug-Fixing, Polish[edit]


Spirit Vale[edit]
  • General
    • Removed adrenal mushrooms near waypoints.
    • Cooldowns now automatically reset for players when they revive after their squad is defeated in an encounter.
  • Spirit Woods
    • You Will Join Us: Doubled the warning time of this environmental attack during the second portion of the Spirit Woods event.
  • Gorseval
    • Gorseval now properly focuses attacks on the player with the most toughness.
    • Updated Gorseval's Ghastly Prison skill to be easier to evade as well as prevent it from hitting gliding players.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Gorseval to execute its World Eater attack early.
  • Sabetha
    • Added a client-side audio cue for players who have been targeted by Sapper Bombs.
  • Rewards
    • The achievements for killing bosses in Spirit Vale now award a Box of Raider's Supplies. Players who previously earned these achievements should get the rewards the next time they enter the map.
    • Spirit Vale bosses now award ascended armor in a box that allows players to choose the armor type and stats.
    • Ascended jewelry awarded by Spirit Vale bosses will now be available for purchase from the Priory Scholar vendor for 250 magnetite shards.
    • The Priory Scholar vendor in Spirit Vale now sells boxes of ascended armor that include the new stat combinations introduced in Heart of Thorns™.
    • Unwanted raid miniatures can be traded for 40 magnetite shards at the Priory Scholar vendor in Spirit Vale. These do not count against the weekly cap of magnetite shards that can be earned.
    • Ascended gear awarded from raid bosses will now give magnetite shards when salvaged. These do not count against the weekly cap of magnetite shards that can be earned.
    • Accessories awarded from Gorseval are no longer unique.
    • Sabetha's crucible back items can now be infused in the Mystic Forge.
    • Energized Loop rings from the Vale Guardian can now be infused and attuned in the Mystic Forge.

World vs. World[edit]

  • Trebuchet: "Fire Rotting Cow" attacks now display a red ring at their impact site where the poison field is active.
  • Lowlands Keep: Increased the size of the Guild Objective Aura radius to at least slightly extend past all of the walls.
  • Valley Keep: Increased the size of the Guild Objective Aura radius to at least slightly extend past all of the walls.


  • Players can now harvest from resource nodes in the guild hall if they are not representing.
  • The gramophone decoration now displays the correct size before you place it.
  • Fixed the collision of the basic pedestal decoration.

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store[edit]

New Items and Promotions[edit]


  • Captain's Airship Passes and Royal Terrace Passes can now be used while in a guild hall.
  • Players may now jump or glide from the "Havoc's Heir"—safety railings have been removed from the airship.
  • The Wizard's Hat headgear skin can now be dyed. Use dye remover to return the hat to its previous color.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 58,875

Late Notes[edit]

Balance, Bug Fixing, Polish[edit]

Spirit Vale[edit]

  • Secondary boss achievements can now be rewarded the first time players defeat a boss instead of requiring players to defeat the boss a second time.

Structured PvP[edit]

  • Removed both Meditation on Ferocity channels from the Temple of the Silent Storm PvP map to improve pacing and overall map flow.
  • Fixed an issue in which creating mesmer clones while wearing the PvP legendary backpack the Ascension would play the level-up effect.
  • Added attribute bonus options to the PvP Legendary Backpack the Ascension:
    • Vigilant
    • Commander's
    • Marauder
    • Crusader's
    • Minstrel's
    • Wanderer's
    • Trailblazer's
    • Viper's
  • Changed the target display to hide unimportant effects when viewing other players.
  • Removed reward icons when in Spectator Mode.
  • Disabled the Mist Champions tab of the PvP Build panel while in Spectator Mode, as it did not correctly display information for the followed player.
  • Players will no longer have blue and brown highlights in PvP if they are in your party or guild.

World vs. World[edit]

  • Disabled the Desert Borderlands "Into the Oasis" meta-event due to the performance impact it was having on the rest of the map.
    • The associated guild missions for this event have also been disabled. If your guild rolled an easy, medium, or hard oasis mission this week, it will be rerolled.
  • Fixed a bug in which the range of Guild Shield Generator skills was shorter than intended.


  • Added infused versions of the Lightbringer's Pack, Magister's Pack, and Warmaster's Pack back items.

Contacts and LFG[edit]

  • All players in a party now advertise the party in the Looking for Group tab.
  • Descriptions and language flags will now properly post on the initial advertisement.

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store[edit]

  • The March Every Day Sale continues with the permanent Captain's Airship Pass, available in the Services category of the Gem Store today only for 800 gems, a savings of 20%.