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The Privateer weapon skins is a unique set of Black Lion weapon skins that was introduced with the June 14, 2016 update. The skins are permanently available for one Black Lion Claim Ticket by buying an Account-Bound Privateer Weapon Choice from a Black Lion Weapon Specialist. They are Account Bound on acquire and cannot be sold on the Trading Post.

Collecting all 16 skins awards the Privateer Weapon Collection achievement.


Sold by[edit]

Contained in[edit]

Weapon skins[edit]

Item Type Item link
Main hand
Privateer Axe.png Privateer Axe Skin Axe
Privateer Dagger.png Privateer Dagger Skin Dagger
Privateer Mace.png Privateer Mace Skin Mace
Privateer Pistol.png Privateer Pistol Skin Pistol
Privateer Scepter.png Privateer Scepter Skin Scepter
Privateer Sword.png Privateer Sword Skin Sword
Off hand
Privateer Focus.png Privateer Focus Skin Focus
Privateer Shield.png Privateer Shield Skin Shield
Privateer Torch.png Privateer Torch Skin Torch
Privateer Warhorn.png Privateer Warhorn Skin Warhorn
Privateer Greatsword.png Privateer Greatsword Skin Greatsword
Privateer Hammer.png Privateer Hammer Skin Hammer
Privateer Longbow.png Privateer Longbow Skin Longbow
Privateer Rifle.png Privateer Rifle Skin Rifle
Privateer Short Bow.png Privateer Short Bow Skin Short bow
Privateer Staff.png Privateer Staff Skin Staff