Aetherized Nightmare weapons

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Aetherized Nightmare weapons are an exotic weapon set.

All weapons in this set are a rare drop from Twilight Arbor. More specifically, these weapons are acquired from the Clockheart Boss Chest, in the Aetherpath.


Weapon Type Skin link
Main hand Nightmare Axe.png Deathcamas Axe
Nightmare Dagger.png Crying Thorn Dagger
Monkshood.png Monkshood Mace
Bloodlily.png Bloodlily Pistol
Snakeroot.png Snakeroot Scepter
Ilex.png Ilex Sword
Off hand Nightmare Focus.png Fellsprout Focus
Hemlock.png Hemlock Warhorn
Haunting Cap.png Haunting Cap Torch
Shadewort.png Shadewort Shield
Terrestrial Nightmare Greatsword.png Belladonna Greatsword
Henbane.png Henbane Hammer
Nightmare Longbow.png Graveyard Bloom Longbow
Bloodroot.png Bloodroot Rifle
Nightmare Short Bow.png Wolfsbane Short bow
Xanthium.png Xanthium Staff


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