Zodiac weapon skins

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Zodiac weapon skins are a set of weapon skins.


Weapon skins[edit]

Hand Weapon
Main Hand
Zodiac Axe.png Zodiac Axe Skin
Zodiac Dagger.png Zodiac Dagger Skin
Zodiac Mace.png Zodiac Mace Skin
Zodiac Pistol.png Zodiac Pistol Skin
Zodiac Scepter.png Zodiac Scepter Skin
Zodiac Sword.png Zodiac Sword Skin
Off hand Zodiac Focus.png Zodiac Focus Skin
Zodiac Shield.png Zodiac Shield Skin
Zodiac Torch.png Zodiac Torch Skin
Zodiac Warhorn.png Zodiac Warhorn Skin
Terrestrial Zodiac Greatsword.png Zodiac Greatsword Skin
Zodiac Hammer.png Zodiac Hammer Skin
Zodiac Longbow.png Zodiac Longbow Skin
Zodiac Rifle.png Zodiac Rifle Skin
Zodiac Short Bow.png Zodiac Short Bow Skin
Zodiac Staff.png Zodiac Staff Skin




  • The Zodiac weapon skin series is based on a set of weapons from the first Guild Wars game.
  • Most of the weapons in this set are based on astrological signs of the Chinese Zodiac; in fact all but the Ox are represented.
  • The actual design of weapon set appears to be inspired by celtic art.
Weapon Astrological Sign
Axe Horse
Dagger Rat
Focus Monkey
Greatsword Snake
Mace Pig
Pistol Dog
Rifle Tiger
Scepter Rabbit
Staff Goat
Torch Dragon
Warhorn Rooster