Weapons of the Sunless

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Corrupted long ago by Tequatl's influence.

— In-game description

The Weapons of the Sunless are an ascended weapon set with rabid stats.

Appearance-wise, the Weapons of the Sunless are similar to the colored Antique skins used for crafted ascended weapons. However they have a unique color scheme (black metal, accented with green), and emit dark smoke particles while drawn.

Like the Wupwup weapons and Weapons of the Scion, the Weapons of the Sunless do not share their skins with another set of ascended weapons. These are the only three sets of ascended weapons to do this.



Item Type Chat link
Main hand
Reaver of the Sunless.png Reaver of the Sunless Axe
Razor of the Sunless.png Razor of the Sunless Dagger
Flanged Mace of the Sunless.png Flanged Mace of the Sunless Mace
Revolver of the Sunless.png Revolver of the Sunless Pistol
Wand of the Sunless.png Wand of the Sunless Scepter
Blade of the Sunless.png Blade of the Sunless Sword
Off hand
Artifact of the Sunless.png Artifact of the Sunless Focus
Herald of the Sunless.png Herald of the Sunless Warhorn
Brazier of the Sunless.png Brazier of the Sunless Torch
Bastion of the Sunless.png Bastion of the Sunless Shield
Claymore of the Sunless.png Claymore of the Sunless Greatsword
Warhammer of the Sunless.png Warhammer of the Sunless Hammer
Greatbow of the Sunless.png Greatbow of the Sunless Longbow
Musket of the Sunless.png Musket of the Sunless Rifle
Short Bow of the Sunless.png Short Bow of the Sunless Short bow
Spire of the Sunless.png Spire of the Sunless Staff
Impaler of the Sunless.png Impaler of the Sunless Spear
Harpoon Gun of the Sunless.png Harpoon Gun of the Sunless Harpoon gun
Trident of the Sunless.png Trident of the Sunless Trident