Map of Southsun Cove

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Map of Southsun Cove.png

Map of Southsun Cove

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
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Complete preliminary survey map of the Consortium's new venture, Southsun Cove.

— In-game description

You receive this in the mail from Canach during The Lost Shores event as part of a scavenger hunt.




Sworn Statement

This is the sworn statement of Canach, Secondborn.

While under contract to the Consortium, I began preliminary exploration and development of the island later known as Southsun Cove.

During the initial survey, my team located an unknown species of plant. My contract precluded me claiming or profiting from any animal, mineral, or magical resources on the island, but plant life was not mentioned. I therefore ordered my team to collect samples of the plant as they mapped the island and set up an asura gate to facilitate access to Southsun Cove.

I cannot swear to what provoked the karka attack on Lion's Arch, but I expect it was a combination of my team's presence and their activities on the island.

I regret my actions and the harm they have caused. As a show of good faith in the hope of ending the karka threat, I have enclosed a copy of the initial survey map and all accomanying notes.


Map of Southsun Cove.png Map of Southsun Cove