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Phase 2 of The Lost Shores started on 17 November 2012. Players faced a second invasion of Lion's Arch, but utilized a new solvent to fight the karka. Players will then accompany Inspector Ellen Kiel to Southsun Cove to set up camps in preparation for Phase 3.

Second Invasion of Lion's Arch[edit]

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The Lionguard have begun constructing catapults west of Fort Marriner and harpoons on the piers near Sanctum Harbor waypoint in Lion's Arch. After a quick conversation, Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed, Head Researcher Levvi, and Inspector Ellen Kiel travel to Fort Marriner to view the completed catapult.

At this point, the Utilize the Lionguard's new solvent to defeat the karka invading Lion's Arch event kicks off the second invasion. Upon completing the event, Inspector Kiel receives orders from Magnus and players are sent to Southsun Cove.

Lost Shores[edit]

The Lost Shores meta event serves as the entirety of the content for Phase 2. The Lost Shores meta event took place entirely on Southsun Cove after the second invasion and oversees the events of Phase 2 and Phase 3. During the meta event in Phase 2, players accompany Inspector Kiel to create outposts and put forces in position to attack the Ancient Karka.

The meta event will halt at the Camp Karka waypoint in Captain's Retreat (which is south of the center of Southsun Cove), and continue once Phase 3 begins.

Southsun Cove Invasion[edit]

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Inspector Ellen Kiel

Urgent Lionguard Operation

Citizens of Tyria and Friends of Lion's Arch:
The karka remain a threat to our homes and our livelihoods. By order of Commodore Lawson Marriner, Captain Magnus Irondawn, and the entire Captain's Council, we hereby request any and all able-bodied adventurers to assist us in taking control of the island known as Southsun Cove and neutralizing the karka threat. If you wish to join us, please report to the Sanctum Harbor docks in Lion's Arch.

—Inspector Ellen Kiel

The Lionguard have landed on Southsun Cove to launch a counterattack on the karka. All capable volunteers should report to the Transport Facilitator, who is standing by at Sanctum Harbor docks.

Interactive map

From the middle pier in Sanctum Harbor, players could travel to the new area of Southsun Cove by talking with the Southsun Cove Transport Facilitator. Look for the ship symbol on the map. Players could choose to start at one of two landing points: Lion Point or Pride Point. From here on, events took place in Southsun Cove.

Players fought from Point Lion or Point Pride to clear the beach, set up siege, and establish a base on Southsun Shoals at Kiel's Outpost waypoint before forging a path through Dappled Shores. Lionguard cut down trees and fought karka and reef riders while making their way into the island.

Lionguard Path[edit]

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South of Kiel's Outpost, the Consortium group split off towards Pearl Islet while the Lionguard continued on through Driftglass Springs. The Lionguard continued on and paused to finish construction on a bridge to cross the ravine, players had to defend the builders. Once completed, the force moved into Driftglass Springs towards Captain's Retreat. Once there, players assisted Lionscout Vina in clearing the area of karka so they could set up camp. This is where Phase 2 ended.

Consortium Path[edit]

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After leaving the Lionguard, the Consortium was escorted by players towards Pearl Islet, where the previous expedition had set up camp. Once arrived, they cleared out the camp and set about finishing construction on the half-built asura gate.


See also: The Lost Shores/Phase 2/dialogue