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Trial of the Elders

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Trial of the Elders

Trial of the Elders map.jpg
Map to the entrance grate.


Trial of the Elders entrance.jpg

The grate to enter the mini-dungeon.

Interactive map

Trial of the Elders is a mini-dungeon within Dragon's End. Conquering the eight rooms of the Luxon trials that have been corrupted by the Void awards the Mysteries Deep Within achievement.

Getting there[edit]

The mini-dungeon entrance is located within the Point of interest (map icon).png Sanctuary of Ione. The nearest waypoint is Waypoint (map icon).png Frozen Sea Waypoint. Interact with the Grate to enter a chamber beneath the point of interest. Follow the tunnels west to a room containing an Ancient Teleporter, and interact with it to enter the trials. The Jade Bot mastery Energy Efficiency.pngEnergy Efficiency is required to use the Ancient Teleporter.




Event swords (tango icon).png Defeat the Void infecting the chamber (80)




Primary article: Defeat the Void infecting the chamber

Random Void foes will spawn for the event in each room.



On reaching the entrance chamber where the Luxon Monk awaits by the Ancient Teleporter
Luxon Monk: You nearly frightened me to death! But I'm thankful you're here to help us.
Luxon Spirit: Before you lies the Trial of the Elders, but it's been corrupted by Void!
Luxon Monk: the great spirit talking to you?
Luxon Spirit: We have watched you, warrior—your courage in the face of Void onslaughts. Please, help us!
Luxon Spirit: You will be familiar with these. They'll help you move between rooms as you clear the Void. (If able to activate the teleporter)
Luxon Spirit: Hmm, it seems you are not as familiar with these as I thought. Please return once you are. (if unable to activate the teleporter)
Luxon Monk: She's speaking to you, isn't she. So unfair. I'm the only monk here, and she never talks to me.
On entering the first room
Luxon Spirit: This is the Rose Room. From here on, each room will become more dangerous than the last.
On entering the second room
Luxon Spirit: The Phoenix Room. See how Void has made a mockery of our ancient trial.
On entering the third room
Luxon Spirit: You have entered the Room of Reflection. I feared the Void would destroy it all, but you give me hope.
On entering the fourth room
Luxon Spirit: Now you are in the Room of Spirits—halfway to the end. Please, keep ridding this sacred place of Void.
On entering the fifth room
Luxon Spirit: The Jasmine was my favorite before Void took over. Your courage will be remembered...and rewarded.
On entering the sixth room
Luxon Spirit: The Room of the Peacock, laid waste by the Void. Ready yourself, the rooms are truly deadly from here.
On entering the seventh room
Luxon Spirit: The Room of the Koi, once so peaceful. And after, one more room until victory!
On entering the final room
Luxon Spirit: The Room of the Serpent! Look out! Fight it... Please...restore our temple once more.
On exiting the final room and meeting the Luxon Spirit
Luxon Spirit: I won't forget this. The Trial of the Elders is restored, and all the spirits thank you.
Luxon Spirit: I leave you this, a reward for warriors!

Related achievements[edit]


  • Each room counts as an event for the Map bonus reward, each room does not however count as an event towards the Seraph Morale 10.png Dragon's End Contributor boon.
  • Neither the enemies nor the events encountered within grant any experience.
  • The mini-dungeon reward is granted as soon as the final room is completed, but the Luxon Spirit will only congratulate you once you exit the room and meet her.
  • Using the Ancient Teleporter requires the Energy Efficiency mastery in the Jade Bots mastery track, but a jade bot Power Core doesn't need to be equipped.
  • Whenever a new player enters a room, the associated event will start again if it's not already running.
    • This applies even to players who already completed the mini-dungeon on a given day.
  • Prior to the March 15th 2022 patch, the achievement required the last creature to be of champion rank, therefore a minimum of 5 other players were needed to scale the mini-dungeon. [verification requested]
  • Previously access to the mini-dungeon required successful completion of Battle for the Jade Sea, but that is no longer the case. [verification requested]