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Mother's Lament

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Mother's Lament

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Mother's Lament map.jpg
Map of Mother's Lament

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Dragon's End
Connects to
Echovald Fringe (N)
Southern Bluff (E)

Mother's Lament.jpg

Soo-Won and Aurene in Mother's Lament after completion of The Battle for the Jade Sea

Mother's Lament is an area in Dragon's End that is almost always shrouded with deadly Void corruption, which dissipates temporarily if the Battle for the Jade Sea has been successfully completed. You can get the PoI, however, if you just hop on your raptor and run into the void space. You will likely die, but you'll get the PoI before that. The entry is near the Southern Bluff waypoint towards the back south-west

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Jade Wind's Respite



Ambient creatures
Elder Dragons


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

It is possible to hear at least two exchanges after a successful meta before the map closes, as they are on a 5-6 minute cooldown.

Soo-Won: I'm...I'm so tired. The others...are they safe?
Aurene: For now.
Soo-Won: I didn't want to hurt anyone.
Aurene: What is this place?
Soo-Won: It was the beginning...
Soo-Won: Where I brought my children into being when all was timeless, cold, and empty...
Soo-Won: And with their coming, I watched as the world grew all around...full of hope in the warmth of a maturing sun.
Aurene: Primordus, Kralkatorrik, the others...they were all here as the world formed?
Soo-Won: A while, yes. I created them as tools—mindless as Nature—to stay the Void's unrelenting push toward entropy...
Soo-Won: But here, so long ago, there was a time they called me..."Mother."
Aurene: Soo-Won, I...I sometimes think about everything that happened to your children—if there was some other way—
Soo-Won: No, they were bound to their nature.
Soo-Won: But in that brief time we had together, before their fated purpose set in, it was...blissful.
Soo-Won: But the truth is, as I'd look down at them, sleeping soundly, I was already mourning them.
Aurene: What were they like?
Soo-Won: Mordremoth was busy learning to cultivate the earth. His roots spreading so early.
Soo-Won: And Primordus? He never ventured out, instead preferring the warmth of my curled-up tail.
Aurene: grandfather, Kralkatorrik?
Soo-Won: Ah, Kralkatorrik...we will talk of him later...
Aurene: You said you'd tell me of my grandfather?
Soo-Won: Kralkatorrik was a hunter before he could even fly. Life had only just begun to form, and already he was stalking it.
Soo-Won: As an adolescent he'd go out alone, and each night I feared he wouldn't return—he was so young. Fragile. Stubborn.
Soo-Won: But each evening there would be a gift—a fresh kill! And then he'd retire for the night without a word.
Soo-Won: That's when I first began to notice the change in Zhaitan...
Aurene: What change did you see in Zhaitan?
Soo-Won: A curiosity in all that was dead.
Soo-Won: Jormag first drew my attention to it...but they had already developed their own fascinations...
Soo-Won: They were all changing, as if some last piece of them lay dormant and one day awoke, forming who they really were...
Soo-Won: Until they were strangers to me, and too often at each other's throats. And my own.
Soo-Won: We have so little power over what our children become...
Soo-Won: One morning...they were gone...
Soo-Won: It was foolish, really. I realized that I wanted to be a mother, Aurene. To feel that...connection.
Aurene: It seems you had it...for a while?
Soo-Won: Mmm, but fond memories are harder when they're buried by what might have been.
Soo-Won: Instead, all I became was a mother of pain, anguish... The mother of five dead children—
Aurene: It wasn't your doing. We're all pawns in our own way. You wanted what we all do: to be loved.
Soo-Won: I suppose it's why I focused on mortals...Maybe I could be a better mother to them.
Soo-Won: But it seems like shallow folly to talk of love in the face of all that occurred out there...
Soo-Won: Now, please leave me. Sleep may offer some respite...


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Cavern Fish

Related achievements[edit]