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Dead Play

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Dragon's End map with all locations as red dots

Dead Play is a collection Dragon's End Mastery achievement.


This achievement rewards items. Dead Play Dragon's End 6Achievement points
Play with all the shrine guardian infants in Dragon's End at least once.Only the bravest or most absentminded spirits frolic in such a dangerous place.
Reward: Jade Runestone.pngJade Runestone (2)

  • Hint: Around Brotherhood's Watch.
  • Hint: Lounging around a tropical stop.
  • Hint: Wants to catch a glimpse of a Jade Maw.
  • Hint: Hiding under a ramp.
  • Hint: Watching the Chantry of the Crab from a distance.
  • Hint: Hiding in Emerald Bluff.
  • Hint: Blending in outside a Jade Brotherhood outpost.
  • Hint: Admiring jade blocks.
  • Hint: Guarding an abandoned merchant's cart.
  • Hint: In awe of a massive feat of engineering magitech.
  • Hint: Below the residential district.
  • Hint: Has a keen interest in logistics.
  • Hint: Standing watch over the miners' camp.
  • Hint: Enjoying the breeze beneath a massive turbine.
  • Hint: Plotting to steal food offerings at a serpent's shrine.
  • Hint: Quietly watching the Shrine of Hanuku.
  • Hint: Watching a silent beach.
  • Hint: Watching over the Harvest Temple Observatory from a safe distance.
  • Hint: Spying on the Jade Brotherhood from above.
  • Hint: Listening in on the Speakers.
  • Hint: Standing on a crane platform.
Played with 7 Shrine Guardian Infants in Dragon's End 1Achievement points
Played with 14 Shrine Guardian Infants in Dragon's End 2Achievement points
Played with 21 Shrine Guardian Infants in Dragon's End 3Achievement points


There are four types of hidden locations:

  1. Hidden under a rock
  2. Hidden by crates (stack)
  3. Hidden by crates that have to be destroyed with a Tree Branch (The Springer's or Raptor's engage skill will also work)
  4. A series of checkpoints

The first three hidden caches require the player to pick up an unmarked object. Either the rock itself, a tree branch from a stack of wood with which the nearby crates have to be destroyed or a crate itself, which in return has to be stacked on other nearby crates. Completing each challenge reveals a previously hidden Glorious Canthan Chest.

Objective Map Location Closest landmark Type Notes


  • There is a distinct audio and visual clue when near a hidden location. The audio clue is part of the environment, so turning up the master volume and environment volume to a maximum but turning off the music, effects and dialog volumes (there are a lot of map-wide NPC dialogs in Dragon's End) helps a lot with locating the hidden caches.

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