Tiger Den (object)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the object involved in the Spirit of the Tiger achievement. For the instance in Mount Maelstrom, see Tiger Den.

Tiger Dens are nesting areas for wild tigers that can be found by players on their investigation as part of the journey to craft the legendary short bow Chuka and Champawat. Discovering several of them is also required for the collection Spirit of the Tiger to unlock a Mini Tiger Spirit.



In SCAR Bivouac
This den is disheveled and clearly abandoned.
Talk more option tango.png Look closer.
Among the detritus is a broken arrow that appears to have once belonged to a Mordrem guard.
Tick green.png Leave.
In Dreamdark Enclave
This den is quite small. It looks like it was abandoned before it was completed.
Tick green.png Leave.
In Southsun Strait and Orvanic Shore
This den was abandoned shortly after it was made.
Tick green.png Leave.
In Demon's Maw
This den has been disturbed by ettins.
Tick green.png Leave.
In The Breached Wall, Loreclaw Expanse, and Tanglerot Hills
A small tiger den is nestled between the roots of this tree. It looks abandoned.
Tick green.png Leave.
In Tiger Den (personal instance)
Tick green.png Take Nola with you.
Tick green.png Take Halkor with you.
Tick green.png Take Brill with you.
Tick green.png Put the tiger cub back. (after taking a cub)
Tick green.png Add nesting materials.
Tick green.png Add heat stone.
Tick green.png Add tiger milk.
Tick green.png Add nutritional tiger milk. (after adding Artificial Tiger Milk)
Tick green.png Add infused tiger milk. (after adding Nutritional Tiger Milk)
Tick green.png Add tiger food.
Tick green.png Add nutritional tiger food. (after adding Tiger Food)
Tick green.png Add infused tiger food. (after adding Nutritional Tiger Food)
Tick green.png Add tough leather ball.
Tick green.png Add scratching post.
Tick green.png Add tiger pole. (after adding Tiger Scratching Post)
Tick green.png Add tiger gym. (after adding Tiger Pole)
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

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