Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork

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Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork (Historical) Secret of Southsun 50Achievement points
Assist Researcher Levvi by collecting samples around Southsun Cove.
Reward:Fervid Censer.png Fervid Censer
10 Samples Collected 50Achievement points

Researcher Levvi is requesting the help of players to search for and find plant samples using a Sample Detector of her design. Players use the detector to find and take the samples.

Plant sample locations[edit]

The 11 locations of available plants to sample

To earn the achievement, you need to collect 10 of the 11 possible samples. Your progress is tracked via 11 different achievements in the Secret of Southsun achievement category, one for each sample.

# Name Closest Waypoint or
Point of Interest
1 Camp Canach's Folly
Southeast side of the camp.
2 Cave Pearl Islet Waypoint
In the cave, where you can find the Juvenile River Drakes. Can enter from three different sides. Be careful of the Reef Drake Broodmother.
3 Elevation Karka Hive
Top of the Karka Hive, near the Champion Karka.
4 Geyser Lion's Point Waypoint
Northern end of Driftglass Springs. Jump up around the back of the rocks, but do not jump down.
5 Islet Lion's Point Waypoint
Southwest end of the island across from the Skipping Stones end chest, use boat to get across gap.
6 Lava Karka Hive
Bottom of the Karka Hive, in front of the lava pool next to the Ancient Karka corpse.
7 Pool Kiel's Outpost Waypoint
In Driftglass Springs, just north of the bridge to Captain's Retreat. Jump up the rocks to reach it.
8 River Kiel's Outpost Waypoint
Northern point of the river dividing Scoured Plains from Captain's Retreat.
9 Sandpit Onyx Field
Towards the end of the pit where the Sand Wurms spawn during help Advisor Zakk. Since these foes are invulnerable, wait for the event to complete or jump into the pit from above, timing it to avoid the wurms.
10 Shipwreck Pride Point Waypoint
Inside the shipwreck, south of the waypoint.
11 Vent Lion's Point Waypoint
About halfway between the waypoint and Southsun Strait, partially obscured by red mist along the watery floor.


Players receive the following rewards upon finding 10 samples: