Veteran Karka

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Veteran Karka


Karka (75% health).jpg

Appearance at 75% health.

Karka (50% health).jpg

Appearance at 50% health.

Karka (25% health).jpg

Appearance at 25% health.

Karka (unarmored).jpg

Appearance without Defiance.png Armored.

Veteran Karka are large karkas that lay eggs which spawn Karka Hatchlings and transfers conditions. It also has two phases: Armored & Exposed. While armored the Veteran Karka can apply retaliation as well as perform a rolling knockdown attack. When exposed, the Veteran Karka will have another full life bar and loses the ability to apply retaliation and roll, but will attack slightly faster.


Crystal Desert
Ring of Fire

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Karka have two health bars; the first acts as their shell's "durability", while the second is their actual health. Each time the shell loses 25% of its total durability, the karka will evade for 2 seconds and gain Aegis.png Aegis, Resolution.png Resolution or Regeneration.png Regeneration for 30 seconds.
  • Once the shell's durability has been depleted, it will break, replacing Defiance.png Armored with Unshakable.png Broken Armor, exposing the karka's health, which will be 50% of the armor.

Egg variant[edit]

  • Lays Eggs
  • Immobilizes
  • Lay Eggs
  • Spit
  • Stomp

Roller variant[edit]

  • Immobilizes
  • Poisons
  • Transfers Conditions
  • Rolling Charge
  • Spit
  • Throw Goo


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Crabmeat.png Chunk of Crabmeat Trophy Junk 1
Spiral Shell.png Spiral Shell Trophy Junk 1-2
Karka Shell.png Karka Shell Crafting material Rare 1-2
Vial of Potent Blood.png Vial of Potent Blood Crafting material Fine 1
Vial of Powerful Blood.png Vial of Powerful Blood Crafting material Rare 1


Downed players may rally from the removal of a Karka's armor (i.e., depletion of its first health bar), but may not rally from its death.