Champion's Demesne

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Champion's Demesne

1Point of interest (map icon).png 1Hero point.png 1Vista (map icon).png

Champion's Demesne map.jpg
Map of Champion's Demesne

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Champion's Demesne.jpg

Champion's Demesne Northern Vista view

Champion's Demesne Eastern Vista view
Champion's Demesne Western Vista view

Champion's Demesne is the land that divides the Red World Border and Green World Border from each other in the Blue Borderlands. Both teams vie for control of the Supply Camp and Sentry Point that it contains. Whoever controls both can stockpile much needed supplies in their towers, Redbriar Tower and Greenlake Tower, via the supply bearing Pack Dolyaks.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Champion's Orchard
Vista (map icon).png Temple of Lost Prayers Vista —
Travel to the area beneath the vista icon. Head north until you see a fallen column leaning against another. Climb it. Now hop over the other columns to the vista.
Hero challenges
Hero point.png Spider Egg Clutch






Ambient creatures

Objective upgrades[edit]

Automatic upgrades[edit]

Tier Upgrade Description
(20 dolyaks)
Increase Supply Deliveries.png Caravan Guards Recruits guards to escort the camp's dolyak caravans.
Supply Capacity.png Storage Expansion Increases the objective's maximum supply hold size by 100.
(40 dolyaks)
Hire More Guards.png Additional Guards Recruits additional guards to protect the objective.
Raise Guard Level.png Guard Training Increases the level of all guards at the objective.
(80 dolyaks)
Hire Patrol.png Recruit Patrol Recruit guards to patrol the objective.
Supply Capacity.png Storage Expansion Increases the objective's maximum supply hold size by 100.


Tier Tactic Availability Description
WvW Objective Guild Tier 1.png
(Hold for 10min)
Supply Drop.pngMinor Supply Drop All objectives Activate this Tactic to have 100 supply deposited at the objective.
Chilling Fog.png Chilling Fog All objectives Activate this Tactic to temporarily summon chill inducers that will chill invaders at the objective.
Invulnerable Dolyaks.pngInvulnerable Dolyaks Camps Activate this Tactic to make the next set of dolyaks invincible, guaranteeing that they will reach their destination.
Assault Roller.pngDune Roller Camps Activate this tactic to summon a dune roller at your objective. The user is transformed into a car, granting them increased mobility and siege damage.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes[edit]

Any 2 of the following synthesizers

Mine resource (map icon).png Ore Synthesizer
Wood resource (map icon).png Lumber Synthesizer
Plant resource (map icon).png Berry Synthesizer
Plant resource (map icon).png Herb Synthesizer
Plant resource (map icon).png Vegetable Synthesizer
Plant resource (map icon).png Cloth Synthesizer
Plant resource (map icon).png Leather Synthesizer


  • The number, type, and level of guards depends on how much the Supply Camp has been upgraded.
  • Guards and services are only available to players whose world controls the camp; otherwise, these NPCs are hostile foes.


  • The s in demesne is silent and is pronounced similar to domain starting with de. Domain and estate are synonyms.