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Catch as many fish as you can!

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Catch as many fish as you can!

Interactive map

Interactive map

Catch as many fish as you can! is a level 80 event that is located in the Strait of Panube near Driftwood Jetty. This event begins immediately on a new map, and as a reward for completing the Gathering Storms meta-event.[1]


  • Fish collected
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Time until Teyrna gives up: 10:00
  • Time until Teyrna leaves: 1:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Speak with Teyrna when she is beside the docks to begin the event.

Once the event starts, a barrel of Harpoon Guns will be placed on each of the docks. Interact with the barrel to gain a harpoon gun bundle. With that in hand, target a Coelacanth or Stubborn Coelacanth in the inlet. Use Harpoon Shot to hook the fish, followed by Reel It In to yank the fish into the air. A white circle will now appear behind you on the dock that will sometimes grant Tranquilizer Dart.png Tracking Tag. Stand in the circle until the fish is reeled in to catch it. You can also stand in the circle created by other players reeling in fish, and you will both get a fish. Finally, with the fish in hand, interact with the Fish Basket to deposit it and advance the event bar. Now grab another harpoon gun from the barrel and repeat the process.

Stubborn Coelacanths, like the name implies, may ignore your harpoon gun skills. If they prove too troublesome, target a different fish within range.






Before the event, in Atholma
Kel: And what do you think YOU'RE doing, Teyrna?
Teyrna: Aw, Kel, I just wanted to help catch some fish for the village.
Kel: A harpoon gun is not a toy, young one. You are not yet ready. But, soon.
Kel: Now go play with the other cubs and stop bothering our guests.
Teyrna: I'll show you… I'll catch the whole ocean.
During event
Teyrna: Weirdo outlander! Come help me gather some fish. If you don't know how, I can teach you!
Teyrna: Hey, hero! Slow down a little. Enjoy the sunshine. Spend some time fishing with me!
Teyrna: There's lots of fish out there. Let's catch them! C'mon, it'll be fun!
When enough fish are collected
Teyrna: Great job! Bring back anything else you've caught, and prepare to head back.
Event success
Kel: Teyrna!
Teyrna: Oh! Kel... How long have you—
Kel: Thank you for your assistance, friend. May nature favor you.
Kel: And you, young lady... Stubborn, like our mother. But you've done well. This will help the village.
Teyrna: See! I told you I could help! And I technically didn't even use a harpoon gun!
Kel: Clever. Your heart means well, but you should learn to listen.
Teyrna: Yes, Kel.
Event failure
Kel: Teyrna!
Teyrna: Oh! Kel... How long have you—
Kel: Stop bothering the outlander. Your heart means well, but you must learn to listen.
Teyrna: Yes, Kel.

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