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See the refugees safely through to Amnoon

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See the refugees safely through to Amnoon

Interactive map

Interactive map

See the refugees safely through to Amnoon is a level 80 event that starts at the Kusini Crossing.


  • Talk to Dajfah
  • Refugees alive: x





Before event
Dajfah: Can you help see us through to Amnoon?
On event start
Dajfah: Thank you for offering your help. Hopefully we won't be too much of a burden.
Refugee: After all this running, finally a bit of good fortune.
Dajfah: Good fortune or no, we're not safely in Amnoon yet.
Refugee: We left everything behind for this.
Dajfah: There's still a hard journey ahead of us. We have to believe it will be worth the risk.
During escort
Refugee: Finally, on the move again. One last chance to find refuge in a new land.
Dajfah: We have trouble!
Dajfah: That was close. We have to be more careful. We can't fail now, with safety so near.
Refugee: Why has Balthazar set his Forged creatures on us?
Dajfah: King Joko chased the old gods away from this world. Maybe we're only in the way of this one's revenge.
Refugee: This looks bad.
Dajfah: Almost to Amnoon, at last.
Refugee: Almost to Amnoon, at last.
On event success
Dajfah: I can't believe we made it through. We're really here, in Amnoon...
Refugee: We've lost everything. What will we do now?
Dajfah: Now we try to get some rest.
On event failure
Refugee: No! He's down! The rest of you, follow me, quickly!

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