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Medical Aid Recording

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Medical Aid Recording.png

Medical Aid Recording

Item type
A Bug in the System.png Redeeming IG-6417
Account Bound
Game link


Return this to IG-6417 to help it learn how to be a hero.

— In-game description


  • Revive a total of ten allies. Both defeated players and NPCs count towards the number.
    • In order to have the action count for the collection, you must have a Recording Device in your inventory while reviving allies.


Players are reporting that they cannot acquire this item, despite having the Recording Device and reviving many allies. If you are encountering problems, try the following:
  • Purchase an additional, new Recording Device.
  • Have the character who bought the Recording Device(s) perform the revives.
  • Try reviving allies and NPCs that are in a defeated state, rather than downed
This recording can be acquired unintentionally because it is not restricted to a single event or map location. It may be obtained multiple times, and before the gated stage where it can be uploaded to IG-6417. To work around this try the following:
  • Only carry Recording Device(s) when actively unlocking this collection
  • Reduce the number of revivals of players and NPCs while carrying this device.