Polearm (weapon type)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the unimplemented weapon type. For other uses, see Polearm (disambiguation).

Interviewer: So the question is, they've seen concept art, and they've seen some things of polearms, but they don't pop up in the official list of weapons we so far mentioned... so will there be polearms? Will they come later, or..?

Eric Flannum: So really early on we had polearms included in the game, and we actually did all of our concept art for our weapons and included polearms in the sets which I think a lot of people caught up on. Polearms unfortunately didn't make it into the final cut of the game, and so we won't have them on release, but you never know, they might make an appearance later on.

— Q&A with Guild Wars 2 Lead Game Designer Eric Flannum

The polearm is an unimplemented two-handed weapon. It was part of the game in early development stages, but wasn't included as a playable weapon in the final cut.[1]