Ooze Herding

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Ooze Herding is a Super Adventure Box achievement, requiring the player to find an Ooze in each of the Super Adventure Box zones, dig them up with a shovel, and bringing them to an Ooze Farmer.


This achievement rewards items. Ooze Herding Super Adventure Box: Nostalgia 10Achievement points
Return an ooze to the ooze farmer in each zone.Safe ooze handling is an important lesson in any curriculum.
Reward: Bauble Bubble.pngBauble Bubble (8)

Objectives: 6 objectives in total
  • World 1 Zone 1
  • World 1 Zone 2
  • World 1 Zone 3
  • World 2 Zone 1
  • World 2 Zone 2
  • World 2 Zone 3
Returned 6 Oozes to the Ooze Farmer 10Achievement points


Objective Ooze Location Farmer Location Notes
1 World 1 Zone 1

Ooze Spot 1-1.jpg Ooze Farmer 1-1.jpg The oozes are on the left of the hill just before the Queen Bee Dog. The farmer is on the grassy hill to the right upon entering the final area (after the fifth checkpoint).
2 World 1 Zone 2

Ooze Spot 1-2.jpg Ooze Farmer 1-2.jpg The oozes are by the area below the third checkpoint before the improper water. The farmer is to the left just before the final checkpoint by a large tree.
3 World 1 Zone 3

Ooze Spot 1-3.jpg Ooze Farmer 1-3.jpg The oozes are by the large tree hollow stump that slants down in the water before the Checkpoint #3. The ooze farmer is up above after Checkpoint #3. Players will need to jump over the decaying leaves and up heading towards the large hollow log near the hidden room with Moto's Breath.
4 World 2 Zone 1

Ooze Spot 2-1.jpg Ooze Farmer 2-1.jpg The oozes are directly across from the checkpoint guarded by hillbillies/before the final waterfall. The farmer is by the final waypoint. Use the nearby Flower Launcher to reach him.
5 World 2 Zone 2

Ooze Spot 2-2.jpg Ooze Farmer 2-2.jpg The Oozes are in a small alcove below checkpoint #9. After climbing the pagoda at checkpoint #8, and passing through the house filled with arrow traps and toads, you'll find the alcove with oozes immediately to your left. Once you've collected an ooze, head back to checkpoint #8 and jump back along the pillars until you reach the cloud path on your right. Follow this path all the way back up to the platform before/between the pillars after/and checkpoint #7. From there, jump down to the base of the first pillar and head on through the cloud section to the left. Right before the clouds turn into green landscape again, look to the right to find a small building where the farmer waits. As this distance is moderately long, it is suggested you purchase at least one health potion.
6 World 2 Zone 3

Ooze Spot 2-3.jpg Ooze Farmer 2-3.jpg The Oozes are right next to a Portal before Checkpoint #4. As the ooze will be removed if the player enters a Portal, they will have to climb all the way up to the top. The ooze farmer is sitting on the cliff right next to the checkpoint.


  • Can be done on in Exploration, Normal or Tribulation Mode.
  • The ooze will be removed if the player goes through a portal.
  • Oozes will be dropped if the player dodges or dies allowing other players to pick them up. The ooze remain on the ground for a short period of time.
  • Oozes will respawn in their initial location so it is impossible to run out of oozes. There are 5 oozes per instance initially - enough for a full party.
  • Stunned Oozes do damage-over-time to the player while carried.