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Reach the treasure inside the labyrinthine Inner Keep

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Reach the treasure inside the labyrinthine Inner Keep

Event maps
Reach the treasure inside the labyrinthine Inner Keep map.jpg

Reach the treasure inside the labyrinthine Inner Keep is a level 80 mount race event that starts in the Fortress of Jahai and takes the player through the Inner Keep and the Fortress Courtyard to get to Iberu's Treasure.


  • Treasure finders: x
  • The Inner Keep will seal in: 5:00


One example of a course. Red arrows show the correct path, purple dashed lines show the Branded crystal walls (which change locations between runs), and a yellow dot shows the location of Iberu's Treasure.

Note that the route through the labyrinth changes with each run due to the Branded crystal walls changing locations. Nevertheless, the path will always lead from the starting point in Fortress of Jahai to the Fortress Courtyard Point of Interest, back into the Keep through the north after moving around some Branded crystal walls, and will end in the treasure room. The section after re-entering the Keep from the Courtyard is the most variable. Most of the foes encountered CAN be avoided/bypassed, but getting "trapped" within the maze WILL result in combat, and possible failure to complete the race within the time limit.


Finders Inner Keepers A Star to Guide Us 1Achievement points
Be one of the first three to reach Iberu's treasure in the Inner Keep of Jahai Fortress.Archon Iberu's ill-gotten gains are a matter of legend. Reached Iberu's Treasure in the Top Three 1Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Inner Keep Rerunner Return to A Star to Guide Us 0Achievement points
Complete the Inner Keep run in Jahai Fortress.
Reward: Daily achievement chest.pngChest of the Adventurer (3)
Completed the Inner Keep Run 0Achievement points






When the race is about to start
Arbiter Lo Loju: I hear cracking. The Brand'll shatter soon. Prepare yourselves.
On race start
Arbiter Lo Loju: The Brand—it's opening! Run for treasure! Run for your life!
Arbiter Lo Loju: Quickly, quickly! Before the Branding shifts!
After finishing the race and walking past Arbiter Lo Loju.
Arbiter Lo Loju: Ahem. My fee?
Ambient, between races
Arbiter Lo Loju: Find a gullible hero on a fast mount by the time the crystal breaks. That's all. You can do this, Loju
Arbiter Lo Loju: Know a suffering, cash-strapped town? I offer you — Iberu's treasure! Come closer, and I'll tell you more.
Arbiter Lo Loju: Adventurers! Care to risk life and afterlife for a chance at unimaginable treasure? Line up and... wait a little bit.
Arbiter Lo Loju: Are you quick? How about clever? Incredible riches-sans a ten percent processing fee-are just beyond this barrier!