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Volatile Singularity

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Volatile Singularity

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Account Bound
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Double-click to feed Volatile Magic and gain random items in return.

— In-game description

Volatile Singularity is a unique item obtained through the Memorabilia achievement. It consumes 150 Volatile Magic in exchange for a Volatile Mass, which contains all sorts of various loot.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Memorabilia A Star to Guide Us 3Achievement points
Find the pieces of Sonu's past scattered throughout Jahai Bluffs.Awakening can be detrimental to the subject's memory.
Reward: Sentient Singularity.pngVolatile Singularity

  • Spoke to Sonu in Sun's Refuge and accepted his request.
  • North of the Tree, one still floats; your favorite toy as a child, those red toy boats.
  • In a house in Venta, an old frame lies; its story appears to whomever cries.
  • Right is left, but next time it's wrong; in the courtyard you will remember its song.
  • Along the River of Rilohn sits a large orange tree; with a view of the fortress, true love's flowers be.
  • Your favorite fruit, let that set in; a farmland's tree holds the key, to those who threaten.
  • You became a military man, though Awakened wear no suit. North of Wurmhaven, find your sword and salute.
  • In a graveyard from the right, pay your respects to whom they are due; one, three, then seven hold the clue.
Recovered 1 Piece of Sonu's Past 0Achievement points
Recovered 2 Pieces of Sonu's Past 1Achievement points
Recovered 5 Pieces of Sonu's Past 1Achievement points
Recovered 8 Pieces of Sonu's Past 1Achievement points