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Earned through the Log-in Reward Chest. Spent in major cities. Used to purchase various rewards.

— In-game description

Laurel.png Laurels are an account-bound non-tradable currency that players can use to purchase items from laurel merchants, located in each major city. Laurels can be obtained as login rewards. The amount of laurels a player holds can be viewed in the wallet, accessible by clicking the coin sign in the lower left of the inventory window.


These are acquired via consecutive daily Login rewards at the following rate: 2nd Daily Login (1), 7th (10), 9th (2), 16th (3), 21st (15), and 23rd (4). As well as the option of getting 20 on your 28th day. For a total of 35 or 55 per 28 days.



General Vendors[edit]

Unique Vendors[edit]


  • With the new system of Login rewards you can receive up to 55 Laurels per month (by logging in 28 days per month) as opposed to 40 Laurels per 30-day month using the old system (by completing every daily and the monthly).


  • Laurels were added during the January 28, 2013 content update, Flame and Frost: Prelude. They were not part of that month's monthly reward.
  • Laurels were added to PvP Daily and Monthly achievements on the March 26, 2013 update. This had the side effect of players being able to earn another ten laurels by completing the Monthly PvP achievement for the month if they hadn't earned it already.