Long Arm of the Light

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This achievement rewards items. Long Arm of the Light Justice of the Blade 15Achievement points
Defeat bandit leaders marshaling in the shadows.
Reward:The Human Gods.png Tome of Tyrian Mastery
1 Bandit Leader Defeated 5Achievement points
5 Bandit Leaders Defeated 10Achievement points

Long Arm of the Light is an achievement for completing all the original five bounty missions given by Shining Blade Officer Ralan.

Completion Requirements[edit]

The NPCs a player must eliminate to complete this achievement are the same as the NPCs which must be eliminated in connection with the following bounty missions from Shining Blade Officer Ralan:


  • To complete this achievement, a player neither needs to obtain Encoded Orders nor do they need to complete the bounty missions obtained from the Encoded Orders and Shining Blade Officer Ralan.
  • This achievement can be completed independent of Tip of the Blade and Bounty Hunter.

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