Long Arm of the Light II

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Long Arm of the Light II is an achievement for completing a specific list bounty missions given by Shining Blade Officer Ralan.


This achievement rewards items. Long Arm of the Light II Justice of the Blade 15Achievement points
Defeat bandit leaders lurking in the darkness.
Reward:The Human Gods.png Tome of Tyrian Mastery

  • Varre the Underhanded
  • Temvay the Arrogant
  • Ezal the Quick
  • Ulssen the Anvil
  • Lenner the Eagle-Eyed
1 Bandit Leader Defeated 5Achievement points
5 Bandit Leaders Defeated 10Achievement points

Completion Requirements[edit]

The NPCs a player must eliminate to complete this achievement are the same as the NPCs which must be eliminated in connection with the following bounty missions from Shining Blade Officer Ralan:


  • To complete this achievement, a player neither needs to obtain Encoded Orders nor do they need to complete the bounty missions obtained from the Encoded Orders and Shining Blade Officer Ralan. This achievement can be completed independent of Tip of the Blade and Bounty Hunter.

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