Lunatic armor

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Lunatic armor
Lunatic Acolyte armor human female front.jpg Lunatic Noble armor human female front.jpg Lunatic Templar armor human female front.jpg
Light Medium Heavy

Lunatic armor is a set of armor made available during Shadow of the Mad King 2017. There is a collection achievement for gathering the entire set.



Piece Light Medium Heavy
Head Lunatic Acolyte Mask.png Lunatic Acolyte Mask Lunatic Noble Mask.png Lunatic Noble Mask Lunatic Templar Helm.png Lunatic Templar Helm
Shoulders Lunatic Acolyte Mantle.png Lunatic Acolyte Mantle Lunatic Noble Shoulders.png Lunatic Noble Shoulders Lunatic Templar Pauldrons.png Lunatic Templar Pauldrons
Chest Lunatic Acolyte Coat.png Lunatic Acolyte Coat Lunatic Noble Coat.png Lunatic Noble Coat Lunatic Templar Breastplate.png Lunatic Templar Breastplate
Hands Lunatic Acolyte Gloves.png Lunatic Acolyte Gloves Lunatic Noble Gloves.png Lunatic Noble Gloves Lunatic Templar Gauntlets.png Lunatic Templar Gauntlets
Legs Lunatic Acolyte Pants.png Lunatic Acolyte Pants Lunatic Noble Pants.png Lunatic Noble Pants Lunatic Templar Tassets.png Lunatic Templar Tassets
Feet Lunatic Acolyte Boots.png Lunatic Acolyte Boots Lunatic Noble Boots.png Lunatic Noble Boots Lunatic Templar Greaves.png Lunatic Templar Greaves

Piece Medium (alternate)
Head Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Mask.png Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Mask
Chest Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Coat.png Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Coat

Wardrobe skin links[edit]

Weight Head Shoulders Chest Hands Legs Feet




  • The light set was modeled after the Acolyte armor set.
  • The medium set was modeled after the Noble armor set.
  • The heavy set was modeled after the Dark Templar armor set.
  • The medium headpiece (blacked out eyes) doesn't show up well, if at all, on Sylvari or Charr characters.
  • The blood trails on the Bloody medium chest doesn't show up well, if at all, on Charr characters.

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