Statics Expert Zann

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Statics Expert Zann


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Statics Expert Zann is a Statics student, and in the same krewe as Statics Expert Ceppi. He is angered by her recklessness, since she believes that even Statics experiments should involve innovation, contrary to the popular point of view.


Maguuma Jungle


That presumptuous, egotistical gear-grinder has done it this time. If she's not kicked out of the krewe by the end of the day tomorror[sic], I'll be astounded.
Talk more option tango.png What's going on?
Our newest recruit has been a problem since day one. Her reckless experimentation has ruined our structural reinforcement study. What she's doing in Statics, I can't imagine.
Talk more option tango.png What do you mean?
Every mentor she's had has recommended her for Dynamics. She's got too many ideas and can't stick to any of them. But she's stubbornly staying in Statics, and now she's messing up our work.
Talk end option tango.png Seems she'll have to make a career change whether she wants to or not.
Talk end option tango.png Me neither.
Talk end option tango.png You don't seem in the mood to chat.