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Trinaa is a scientist found in the United Arcanist Lab.



Krait. Undead. I could've had a nice, quiet lab closer to home. "Insufficient!" I declared. "I need a krewe with a lab in the heart of it all. How else can I conduct my research?" I should've listened to my recruiter.
Talk more option tango.png He recommended against it?
Of course he did. But I thought I knew everything. I've learned my lesson.
Talk more option tango.png Not to work out in the field?
Not to krewe up with the sort of people who work out in the field. I could handle these setbacks on my own by simply constructing impenetrable defenses. But my egotistical, close-minded krewe mates won't let me take charge.
Talk end option tango.png Imagine that.
Talk end option tango.png Well, now you know.