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Bloodbound weapons

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Bloodbound weapons are a set of 'Rare' quality weapons introduced in Heart of Thorns. They are only available from Faction Provisioner vendors in Heart of Maguuma. These weapons have the unique property of scaling with character level.

It is also possible to reset a Bloodbound weapon's attributes by combining one of the Bloodbound weapons, a Bloodbound Adjuster, a Philosopher's Stone, and 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust in the Mystic Forge.

None of the Bloodbound weapon skins are unique; they are all available from other items.


Sold by Faction Provisioners for
250 Provisioner Token.png


Item Type Chat link
Main hand
Faithful.png Bloodbound Axe Axe
Moonshank.png Bloodbound Dagger Dagger
Fixer Upper.png Bloodbound Mace Mace
Ruinmaker.png Bloodbound Pistol Pistol
Coldsnap.png Bloodbound Scepter Scepter
Honor of Humanity.png Bloodbound Sword Sword
Off hand
Chalice of the Gods.png Bloodbound Focus Focus
Tinwail.png Bloodbound Warhorn Warhorn
Firelighter.png Bloodbound Torch Torch
Jora's Defender.png Bloodbound Shield Shield
Ebonblade.png Bloodbound Greatsword Greatsword
Bronze Hammer.png Bloodbound Hammer Hammer
Éibhear Dunn.png Bloodbound Longbow Longbow
Vera.png Bloodbound Rifle Rifle
Éibhear Finn.png Bloodbound Short Bow Short bow
Bramblethorne.png Bloodbound Staff Staff
Dragonspine.png Bloodbound Spear Spear
Tribal Rifle.png Bloodbound Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Legionnaire Trident.png Bloodbound Trident Trident



  • Nearly all of the Bloodbound weapons share skins with weapons that, until this set, had unique skins.