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Brandstone Research

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Brandstone Research is an achievement related to collecting Brandstone and helping Yasna with her research. It takes 7 days to complete, as you can finish only one task per day. Completing the achievement will unlock Yasna as a merchant, allowing you to purchase the recipes for Astral weapons.


Brandstone Research Daybreak 3Achievement points
Istan is being bombarded by Brandstones, which may have unique and useful properties.
Reward: 50  Kralkatite Ore.png Kralkatite Ore
Collected 7 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Walkthrough
Kralkatite Research.png Kralkatite Research Collect 10 Kralkatite Ores and bring them to Yasna.
Branded Residue Research.png Branded Residue Research Collect 10 Branded Residues and bring them to Yasna. They drop from any Branded creatures in PoF maps.
Miasma Research.png Miasma Research Use the Particle Collector from Yasna on a Brandstone Impact Site and then activate it. You obtain Particle Collector (Filled) which you return to her.
Powdered Gemstone Research.png Powdered Gemstone Research Collect 10 Powdered Rose Quartz from the Brandstone Chunks from the Brandstone impact site and bring them to Yasna.
Treatise on Astral Alignments.png Treatise on Astral Alignments Speak to the renown heart NPC Archivist Salwa to enter the restricted archives. Take the Treatise on Astral Alignments and bring it to Yasna.
Mirror Calibration Readings.png Mirror Calibration Readings Complete the Defend Akili while he recalibrates mirrors around the Astralarium event at the Astralarium event and return to Yasna.
Kralkatite Ingot.png Blazing Kralkatite Combining 10 Kralkatite Ore and 5 Powdered Rose Quartz at the Beam of Light at the top of The Astralarium.

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