Anomalous vision

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An anomalous vision.

An anomalous vision is a client-side NPC that spawns randomly for individual players. They begin to appear after a player encounters a Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly.


When an anomalous vision appears, its presence is announced with a sound effect similar to a thunderclap. It will appear a random distance from the player on the surrounding terrain, often not in the direction the player is looking, and will disappear after a short time.


  • Touching an anomalous vision will unlock the hidden achievement Burden of Choice.


  • Each anomalous vision only spawns client-side, possibly with the intent of making players appear to be "crazy" for seeing one when others cannot.
  • The anomalous vision itself has no in-game name, and is not targetable; the name "Sad Anomaly" was given to it by the community as it seems to be performing the /sad emote.