Essence of Luck (legendary)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the legendary version. For other versions, see Essence of Luck.

Essence of Luck (legendary).png

Essence of Luck

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
Double-click to gain 500 luck.

— In-game description

Essence of Luck is a consumable that increases the Luck Bar by 500.


Contained in[edit]


This achievement resets every week on Monday.This achievement rewards items. (Weekly) Lunar Festivities New Year's Customs 0Achievement points
Participate in the Firecracker Lightning adventures, lunar mount race, and Celestial Challenge. Progress awarded varies based on the activity.Weekly achievement. Progress resets on Monday morning.
Reward:Essence of Luck (legendary).png Essence of Luck (5)
100 Points Earned 0Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Anomalous Results Anomalous Occurrences 10Achievement points
Successfully disperse 10 Ley-Line Anomalies before they overload.
Reward:Essence of Luck (legendary).png Essence of Luck
1 Ley-Line Anomaliy Dispersed 2Achievement points
5 Ley-Line Anomalies Dispersed 3Achievement points
10 Ley-Line Anomalies Dispersed 5Achievement points


5 legendary Essences of Luck were mailed to all accounts with the Super Adventure Box: Back to School release as a compensation for the removal of Magic Find from equipment.


ArenaNet Staff

Changes to Magic Find

The magic find stat on all gear has been removed as part of a shift to make magic find an account-wide bonus. There are now only three ways to increase your magic find: various consumable boosts have retained their magic find bonuses, achievements can give permanent bonuses to account-wide magic find, and it can be increased by consuming Essence of Luck, which is salvaged from items with a rarity of fine or masterwork. For more details about these changes, visit

If you have gear that previously had a magic find stat combination, you will need to double-click it to permanetly change its stat combination to something else of your choice. The Celestial stat combination has simply had its magic find removed and does not have this special functionality.

5  Essence of Luck (legendary).png Essence of Luck

Currency for[edit]

Item Vendor Area Zone Cost
Fireworks Spaulders.png Fireworks Spaulders New Year Vendor New Year Vendor The Crown Pavilion Divinity's Reach Essence of Luck (legendary).png + Gold coin
Lunar-Enchanted Glove Box.png Lunar-Enchanted Glove Box New Year Vendor New Year Vendor The Crown Pavilion Divinity's Reach Essence of Luck (legendary).png + Gold coin



  • An Essence of Luck was one of the awards for completing the Monthly before its removal.