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Trait has table has history page


Reckless Dodge Reckless Dodge 0No Range until 10/13, Damage until 12/13 and damage between 12/13 and 6/15.
Building Momentum Building Momentum 1Yes
Stick and Move Stick and Move 1Yes
Death from Above Death from Above 0No Damage part splint into the trait skill which requires some work
Restorative Strength Restorative Strength 1Yes
Great Fortitude Great Fortitude 1Yes
Short Temper Short Temper 1Yes
Dual Wielding Dual Wielding 1Yes
Powerful Banners Powerful Banners 1Yes
Distracting Strikes Distracting Strikes 1Yes
Physical Training Physical Training 1Yes
Slashing Power Slashing Power 1Yes
Axe Mastery Axe Mastery 1Yes
Berserker's Power Berserker's Power 1Yes
Berserker's Might Berserker's Might 0No Duration of the casted Berserker Stance
Burst Precision Burst Precision 1Yes


Precise Strikes Precise Strikes 1Yes
Critical Burst Critical Burst {1Yes
Attack of Opportunity Attack of Opportunity 1Yes
Deep Strike Deep Strikes 1Yes
Furious Speed Furious Speed 1Yes
Deep Cuts Deep Cuts 1Yes
Crack Shot Crack Shot 1Yes
Rending Strikes Rending Strikes 1Yes
Furious Reaction Furious Reaction 1Yes
Unsuspecting Foe Unsuspecting Foe 1Yes
Blademaster Blademaster 1Yes
Opportunist Opportunist 1Yes
Forceful Greatsword Forceful Greatsword 1Yes
Furious Furious 0No Exact amount of adrenalineat any point until 6/15.
Last Chance Last Chance 1Yes
Dual Wield Agility Dual Wield Agility 1Yes


Thick Skin Thick Skin 1Yes
Adrenal Health Adrenal Health 0No Healing seems incorrect for the passive heal before the rework.
Armored Attack Armored Attack 1Yes
Shield Master Shield Master 1Yes
Dogged March Dogged March 0No Did this trait have an undocumented icd before April '14?
Sure-Footed Sure-Footed 1Yes
Vigorous Return Vigorous Return 1Yes
Missile Deflection Missile Deflection 1Yes
Cull the Weak Cull the Weak 1Yes
Sundering Mace Sundering Mace 1Yes
Last Stand Last Stand 0No 0No
Cleansing Ire Cleansing Ire 0No 0No
Merciless Hammer Merciless Hammer 1Yes
Defy Pain (warrior trait) Defy Pain 0No 0No
Spiked Armor Spiked Armor 1Yes
Rousing Resilience Rousing Resilience 1Yes


Determined Revival Determined Revival 0No 0No
Fast Healer Fast Healer 0No 0No
Reviver's Might Reviver's Might 0No 0No
Leg Specialist Leg Specialist 0No 0No
Lung Capacity Lung Capacity 0No 0No
Desperate Power Desperate Power 0No 0No
Stronger Bowstrings Stronger Bowstrings 0No 0No
Inspiring Banners Inspiring Banners 0No 0No
Empowered Empowered 0No 0No
Shrug It Off Shrug It Off 0No 0No
Empower Allies Empower Allies 0No 0No
Quick Breathing Quick Breathing 0No 0No
Burning Arrows Burning Arrows 0No 0No
Inspiring Battle Standard Doubled Standards 0No 0No
Vigorous Shouts Vigorous Shouts 0No 0No
Phalanx Strength Phalanx Strength 0No 0No


Versatile Rage Versatile Rage 0No 0No
Fast Hands Fast Hands 0No 0No
Versatile Power Versatile Power 0No 0No
Mighty Defenses Mighty Defenses 0No 0No
Thrill of the Kill Thrill of the Kill 0No 0No
Warrior's Sprint Warrior's Sprint 0No 0No
Inspiring Shouts Inspiring Shouts 0No 0No
Vigorous Focus Vigorous Focus 0No 0No
Signet Mastery Signet Mastery 0No 0No
Vengeful Return Vengeful Return 0No 0No
Destruction of the Empowered Destruction of the Empowered 0No 0No
Sharpened Axes Sharpened Axes 0No 0No
Mobile Strikes Mobile Strikes 0No 0No
Burst Mastery Burst Mastery 0No 0No
Heightened Focus Heightened Focus 0No 0No
Brawler's Recovery Brawler's Recovery 0No 0No

Other Traits removed since release[edit]

Adrenal Reserves Adrenal Reserves 0No 0No
Embrace the Pain Embrace the Pain 0No 0No
Quick Bursts Quick Bursts 0No 0No
Turtle's Defense Turtle's Defense 0No 0No


Trait has table has history page


Zealot's Speed Zealot's Speed 0No 0No
Symbolic Exposure Symbolic Exposure 0No 0No
Symbolic Power Symbolic Power 0No 0No
Binding Jeopardy Binding Jeopardy 0No 0No
Fiery Wrath Fiery Wrath 0No 0No
Protector's Impact Protector's Restoration 0No 0No
Revenge of the Fallen Revenge of the Fallen 0No 0No
Shattered Aegis Shattered Aegis 0No 0No
Spirit-Weapon Mastery Spirit-Weapon Mastery 0No 0No
Zealous Blade Zealous Blade 0No 0No
Focused Mastery Focused Mastery 0No 0No
Scepter Power Scepter Power 0No 0No
Expeditious Spirit Expeditious Spirit 0No 0No
Wrathful Spirits Wrathful Spirits 0No 0No
Kindled Zeal Kindled Zeal 0No 0No
Amplified Wrath Amplified Wrath 0No 0No


Justice is Blind Justice is Blind 0No 0No
Renewed Justice Renewed Justice 0No 0No
Radiant Power Radiant Power 0No 0No
Healer's Retribution Healer's Retribution 0No 0No
Signet Mastery (guardian) Signet Mastery 0No 0No
Shimmering Defense Shimmering Defense 0No 0No
Inner Fire Inner Fire 0No 0No
Searing Flames Searing Flames 0No 0No
Blind Exposure Blind Exposure 0No 0No
Radiant Fire Radiant Fire 0No 0No
A Fire Inside A Fire Inside 0No 0No
Inscribed Removal Inscribed Removal 0No 0No
Powerful Blades Powerful Blades 0No 0No
Right-Hand Strength Right-Hand Strength 0No 0No
Perfect Inscriptions Perfect Inscriptions 0No 0No
Radiant Retaliation Radiant Retaliation 0No 0No


Valorous Defense Valorous Defense 0No 0No
Courageous Return Steadfast Courage 0No 0No
Might of the Protector Might of the Protector 0No 0No
Meditation Mastery Meditation Mastery 0No 0No
Defender's Flame Defender's Flame 0No 0No
Strength of the Fallen Strength of the Fallen 0No 0No
Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers 0No 0No
Purity (trait) Purity (trait) 0No 0No
Retributive Armor Retributive Armor 0No 0No
Mace of Justice Mace of Justice 0No 0No
Glacial Heart Glacial Heart 0No 0No
Honorable Shield Honorable Shield 0No 0No
Focused Mind Focused Mind 0No 0No
Altruistic Healing Altruistic Healing 0No 0No
Monk's Focus Monk's Focus 0No 0No
Communal Defenses Communal Defenses 0No 0No


Vigorous Precision Vigorous Precision 0No 0No
Selfless Daring Selfless Daring 0No 0No
Elusive Power Elusive Power 0No 0No
Wrathful Spirit Wrathful Spirit 0No 0No
Superior Aria Superior Aria 0No 0No
Writ of Exaltation Writ of Exaltation 0No 0No
Protective Reviver Protective Reviver 0No 0No
Resolute Healer Resolute Healer 0No 0No
Pure of Heart Pure of Heart 0No 0No
Writ of Persistence Writ of Persistence 0No 0No
Empowering Might Empowering Might 0No 0No
Two-Handed Mastery Two-Handed Mastery 0No 0No
Writ of the Merciful Writ of the Merciful 0No 0No
Pure of Voice Pure of Voice 0No 0No
Battle Presence Battle Presence 0No 0No
Force of Will Force of Will 0No 0No


Inspired Virtue Inspired Virtue 0No 0No
Virtue of Retribution Virtue of Retribution 0No 0No
Power of the Virtuous Power of the Virtuous 0No 0No
Unscathed Contender Unscathed Contender 0No 0No
Vengeful Vengeful 0No 0No
Consecrated Ground Consecrated Ground 0No 0No
Retaliatory Subconscious Retaliatory Subconscious 0No 0No
Improved Spirit-Weapon Duration Improved Spirit-Weapon Duration 0No 0No
Master of Consecrations Master of Consecrations 0No 0No
Elite Focus Elite Focus 0No 0No
Supreme Justice Supreme Justice 0No 0No
Absolute Resolution Absolute Resolution 0No 0No
Indomitable Courage Indomitable Courage 0No 0No
Permeating Wrath Permeating Wrath 0No 0No
Shielded Mind Shielded Mind 0No 0No
Purity of Body Purity of Body 0No 0No

Other Traits removed since release[edit]

Defender's Shield Defender's Shield 0No 0No
Eternal Spirit Eternal Spirit 0No 0No
Greatsword Power Greatsword Power 0No 0No