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Livia fon Vergil

Augury Rock [Fr]
Team Zaishen Will Never Die

Right on time. This will just take a minute...

— Livia fon Vergil

I'm Livia fon Vergil.

Kormir, the goddess of truth, blessed me when I was young. Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with ferocity.

I grew up among the nobility, and I value my honor. I've made something of myself, and the only thing I regret is that I never recovered my sister's body.

I look out from behind a mak of fanged dread.

This is my story.

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The Beginning

Livia initially awoke in the middle of a ravaged town, located deep within a forest. She could remember nothing about herself but her name, and all she had were mysterious chains by her side. While she knows nothing of their origins, she keeps them close, believing them to be the key to remembering her past... She met a group of travelers who were going to Divinity's Reach. From them, she was taught the skill of reading the stars, which only enhanced her natural mesmer powers.

Fragments of Life

In the heart of the bustling city, Livia quietly plied her trade. She would often have to hide herself, for fortune-telling can be a dangerous occupation when you actually tell the truth. By peering into her the eyes of her customers, Livia could see deep within a person's soul. But of herself, she knew nothing at all. "Why am I here? What is my purpose?"

The harsh truths of Livia's predictions always led to hatred and resentment: her own memories were so barren that she couldn't empathize with other people as they didn't even feel real to her. The one exception was Ienzo. They were kindred spirits, he said, both of them blessed and burdened with inhuman powers that forced them to journey through life alone. As traveling companions, they made for an odd pair: a rich orphan and a fortune-teller, both with pasts shrouded in mystery.

Ienzo searched for his past as well as Livia's. He finally discovered Livia had a sister who went missing. However, the truth about her sister's whereabouts shocked Livia so deeply she was unable to remember anything. She decided to leave Divinity's Reach to find a purpose.

Deception in the Shadows

Livia couldn't forget Ienzo's implication in her life: she was taken care of and introduced to the nobility, and lived a life of great wealth. So she followed Ienzo, hiding from him and his companions, using her illusions to keep her presence a secret.

She was aboard a Pact airship when Mordremoth tore it down. As she was falling to her certain death, she kept repeating herself "I need more time to think ? I need more time to think..." She had the impression that time slowed down, and that she was taken out of time and space in order to find a way to safety. Maybe illusions weren't the only natural powers she had...


Story Involvement[edit]

Personal Story

From Defending Shaemoor to Victory or Death.

Living World season 1

From Flame and Frost to the Battle for Lion's Arch.

Living World season 2

From the Festival of the Four Winds to the Point of No Return.

Heart of Thorns

Combat abilities[edit]


  • You lack... Focus.
  • Pierce... through!
  • The stars... will shine.
  • The moon... shall fall.
  • You're not... worthy.
  • Now you know the meaning of pain.
  • I don't care whether you live or die.