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This is a placeholder page until I manage to do a proper one.


Storyline (interface).png
Asura tango icon 20px.png Male.png Engineer tango icon 20px.png Mekhart Gearbox Biography Universal Multitool Pack.png Biography Canni.png Biography VAL-A Golem.pngBiography Statics.pngBiography Charm.png Durmand Priory (order icon).png Chef tango icon 20px.png 80 Quaggan
Asura tango icon 20px.png Female.png Guardian tango icon 20px.png Specialist Smigi Biography Fanatic's Pauldrons.png Biography Zinga.png Biography Transatmospheric Converter.pngBiography Dynamics.pngBiography Dignity.png 21
Charr tango icon 20px.png Male.png Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Breska Plaguedeath Biography Ghostly Wraith.png Biography Sorcerous Shaman.png Biography Reeva.pngBiography Ash Legion.pngBiography Ferocity.png 80
Charr tango icon 20px.png Female.png Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Mei Mindmirror Biography Fanged Dread.png Biography Loyal Soldier.png Biography Euryale.pngBiography Ash Legion.pngBiography Dignity.png Order of Whispers (order icon).png Artificer tango icon 20px.pngJeweler tango icon 20px.png 80 Ogre
Human tango icon 20px.png Female.png Warrior tango icon 20px.png Evelynn Fairblade Biography No Helm.png Biography Unknown Parents.png Biography Nobility.pngBiography Charm.pngBiography Balthazar.png Vigil (order icon).png Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png 80 Skritt
Human tango icon 20px.png Male.png Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Illusionary Dresden Biography Fanged Dread.png Biography Dead Sister.png Biography Commoner.pngBiography Charm.pngBiography Lyssa.png 21
Norn tango icon 20px.png Female.png Guardian tango icon 20px.png Frida Liefdottir Biography Visionary's Helm.png Biography Revenge.png Biography Guard the Mists.pngBiography Raven Spirit.pngBiography Dignity.png Vigil (order icon).png Tailor tango icon 20px.png 80 Grawl
Norn tango icon 20px.png Male.png Ranger tango icon 20px.png Gunnleif Branson Biography Pet Snow Leopard.png Biography Blacked Out.png Biography Protect the Spirits.pngBiography Snow Leopard Spirit.pngBiography Dignity.png Durmand Priory (order icon).png Huntsman tango icon 20px.pngLeatherworker tango icon 20px.png 80 Hylek
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Male.png Thief tango icon 20px.png Kian Nightblade Biography Subterfuge.png Biography Shield of the Moon.png Biography Act With Wisdom.pngBiography Night.pngBiography Ferocity.png Order of Whispers (order icon).png Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png 80 Hylek
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Female.png Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Sian Black Biography Fire.png Biography White Stag.png Biography Where Life Goes.pngBiography Night.pngBiography Ferocity.png 80

Dungeon Master[edit]

Dungeon (map icon).pngName Story Path 1 Path 2 Path 3 Path 4
Ascalonian Tear.png Ascalonian Catacombs Story Path Hodgins’ Path Detha’s Path Tzark’s Path
Seal of Beetletun.png Caudecus's Manor Story Path Asura Path Seraph Path Butler Path
Deadly Bloom.png Twilight Arbor Story Path Leurent's Path (up) Vevina's Path (forward) Aetherpath
Manifesto of the Moletariate.png Sorrow's Embrace Story Path Inquest Path Rasolov Path Koplev Path
Flame Legion Charr Carving.png Citadel of Flame Story Path Ferrah Path Magg Path Rhiannon Path
Symbol of Koda.png Honor of the Waves Story Path Butcher Path Plunderer Path Zealot Path
Knowledge Crystal.png Crucible of Eternity Story Path Submarine Path Teleporter Path Front Door Path
Shard of Zhaitan.png Ruined City of Arah Story Path Jotun Path Mursaat Path Forgotten Path Seer Path
Fractal Relic.png Fractals of the Mists 12