Mysterious Grubby Package

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Mysterious Grubby Package.png

Mysterious Grubby Package

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire

This pile of mangled trash looks rather conspicuous.

— In-game description

Mysterious Grubby Packages are a series of containers found in certain open world chests all over the world as part of the For the Children! collection scavenger hunt.




There are six variants of this container, each of which has a distinct visual style tied to one of the races of Tyria.

Link Ornament Chest style Selected chest locations
Small Doll Ornament.png Small Doll Ornament (guaranteed) Human Demongrub Pits, Troll's Revenge, Weyandt's Revenge, Swashbuckler's Cove, Skipping Stones
Sparkling Tinsel Ornament.png Sparkling Tinsel Ornament (guaranteed) Asura Spekks's Laboratory, Goemm's Lab, Professor Portmatt's Lab, Chaos Crystal Cavern, Hexfoundry Unhinged
Purple Ball Ornament.png Purple Ball Ornament (guaranteed) Sylvari Spelunker's Delve, Morgan's Leap, Tears of Itlaocol, Hidden Garden
Rocking Horse Ornament.png Rocking Horse Ornament (guaranteed) Norn Shaman's Rookery, Shattered Ice Ruins, Wurmhowl Spikes, Open world chest guarded by Champion Ettin
Gold Ball Ornament.png Gold Ball Ornament (guaranteed) Orrian Open world chests in Malchor's Leap (at Hope Falls (SE of Valley of Lyss Waypoint), Balthazar statue (SW of Garden of Ilya), Dwayna statue (E of Doric's Waypoint)), Forgotten Stream, Buried Archives, Garden of Ilya by Grenth Statue.
Green Ball Ornament.png Green Ball Ornament (guaranteed) Charr Crimson Plateau, Pig Iron Quarry, Loreclaw Expanse


  • These items do not stack, not even if they have the same ID.