Lost Orrian Jewelry Box

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Lost Orrian Jewelry Box.png

Lost Orrian Jewelry Box

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
Game link

Double-click to open.

— In-game description

A Lost Orrian Jewelry Box is a container offered for 4,550Karma.png at any karma vendor in Orr. It drops items including high-end crafting materials, liquid karma, an exotic miniature, and, most likely, junk.


Vendor Location Cost
Agent Crandle Fort Trinity 4,550 Karma.png
Agent Siobhan Blighted Battleground 4,550 Karma.png
Arcanist Repth Triumph Plaza 4,550 Karma.png
Ballistician Heavyhammer Signal Peak 4,550 Karma.png
Crusader Benson The Narthex 4,550 Karma.png
Crusader Vilborg Squall Cusps 4,550 Karma.png
EVAC-U-ATOR 9000 Jinx Isle 4,550 Karma.png
Explorer Gavbeorn Serpentslayer Winterknell Shore 4,550 Karma.png
Grretergrret Crippled Bridges 4,550 Karma.png
Historian Vermoth Cathedral of Zephyrs 4,550 Karma.png
Keeper Jonez Deadrun Cathedral of Silence 4,550 Karma.png
Keeper Lyrda Karst Plains 4,550 Karma.png
Lightbringer Brutefur Cathedral of Eternal Radiance 4,550 Karma.png
Lightbringer Ives Fields of Gold 4,550 Karma.png
Lightbringer Surefoot Cathedral of Verdance 4,550 Karma.png
Lightbringer Zykk Garden of Ilya 4,550 Karma.png
Maakel the Immortal Compass Plaza 4,550 Karma.png
Magister Pagga Theater of Delight 4,550 Karma.png
Marksman Kamekeck Hunter's Table 4,550 Karma.png
Nessa Cathedral of Eternal Radiance 4,550 Karma.png
Recruit Tochacatl Shark's Teeth Archipelago 4,550 Karma.png
Recruit Wongoo Terzetto Bay 4,550 Karma.png
Scholar Blix Noose Road 4,550 Karma.png
Scholar Maroola Waste Hollows 4,550 Karma.png
Scholar Merla Winterknell Shore 4,550 Karma.png
Slayer Feldera Whisper Bay 4,550 Karma.png
Supply Sergeant Mattimer Theater of Delight 4,550 Karma.png
Tactician Almonia Fields of Gold 4,550 Karma.png
Tactician Deathstrider Cathedral of Glorious Victory 4,550 Karma.png
Warmaster Chan Compass Plaza 4,550 Karma.png
Warmaster Jofast Craven Blight 4,550 Karma.png


Liquid karma
Everlasting Potions


  • One set of karma potions and one set of other items are acquired each time a box is opened.
  • Drop research can be found here.
Item Average number of item received per container opened
Unidentifiable Object.png Unidentifiable Object 2.985
Drip of Liquid Karma.png Drop of Liquid Karma 1.273
Taste of Liquid Karma.png Taste of Liquid Karma 0.289
Obsidian Shard.png Obsidian Shard 0.153
Swig of Liquid Karma.png Swig of Liquid Karma 0.125
Vial of Liquid Karma.png Vial of Liquid Karma 0.115
Lodestones 0.029
Mini Risen Priest of Balthazar.png Risen Priest of Balthazar 0.01
Pile of Putrid Essence.png Pile of Putrid Essence 0.002
Potent Potion of Centaur Slaying.png Charged Potion 0.001
Potent Potion of Destroyer Slaying.png Warm Potion 0.001
Potent Potion of Ice Brood Slaying.png Cold Potion 0
Potent Potion of Ogre Slaying.png Hard Potion 0