Defeat Sharptail and her devourer brood

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Defeat Sharptail and her devourer brood

Gram Hills
(Diessa Plateau)
Event type
Hero point.png
Hero challenge
Given by
Sharptail's Nest
Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Sharptail and her devourer brood is a level 18 hero challenge in Diessa Plateau (Gram Hills). Sharptail is a giant Veteran devourer with a "Siege Attack" special ability. Her brood are two normal devourers.


  • Sharptail
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    Event fist (tango icon).png
  • Sharptail's Brood killed: 0/2




Activate Sharptail's Nest to begin the fight. There may be other Lashtail Devourers in the vicinity which are not related to the hero challenge but can make the fight more difficult. It is advised to clear them out before activating the hero challenge.

Sharptail has a very powerful siege attack (AoE boulder) which can kill you in 2-3 hits, but which she only seems to use if you are at a distance. She also has a "push" type of attack to send you further so she can use her siege attack. The key to soloing this fight for a melee fighter is to stay as close as possible to her and dodge as much as possible towards her while killing her brood. Ranged fighters should stay on the move and dodge out of the red circle (siege attack). Jumping down from the rock formation above also works to corner Sharptail into a close range fight and avoid the other Devourers.

It is also possible to use a ranged weapon from the rock face to the southeast. The overhang will block her rock attack and the other devourers will be unable to engage you making this a very easy fight. Use this method if you have started the challenge but have failed, died, and it is still active.