Shadow of the Mad King 2012/Act 2

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The Mad Realm is stirring and Magister Tassi tasks players with locating the memoires of the Mad King Thorn. Players must use their wit and knowledge of lore to locate the six stories that make up the second volume of the Mad Memoires.



Captain Tokk

Halloween Guide, Phase 2

Halloween draws near. The insanity is rising, so be on the alert for changes all over Tyria. The Durmand Priory is scrambling to respond to reports of increasing paranormal activity in Queensdale, Kessex Hills, and Gendarran Fields. People have seen Lunatic Courtiers in Kryta for the first time in over two centuries, so excitement abounds!

The Priory has set up camps in Queensdale, Metrica Province, the Plains of Ashford, Caledon Forest, and Wayfarer Foothills to use as bases of operations to respond to the lunacy. They're keeping an eye on suspicious individuals who have shown up around the festivities there and are taking people away to play dangerous games.

Magister Tassi's search for Mad King Thorn's history is causing folks to travel farther abroad as six additional ghosts appear to tell their tales. Other Priory scholars are upset by rumors of people visiting the Mad Realm. Could it be that the Mad King's demesne has opened its doors?

—Captain Tokk


Mad Memoires VII: Handless

In which King Thorn relieves thieves of their hands.

—This Hinterland village was home to a Goddess and a Martyr. (Site #6)
Mad Memoires VIII: Feast and Famine

In which the Mad King cries, "Let them eat candy corn!"

—These old bones are caught in the gullet, where laughing rises from sorrow. (Site #7)
Mad Memoires IX: Pains of Love

In which Zola's father is afforded special hospitality during her engagement to King Thorn.

—The landing at Arca struggles to fill its storeroom so it will never starve again. (Site #8)
Mad Memoires X: Tax-o'-Lanterns

In which the King makes an example of ungrateful peasants.

—Green is the color I want to remember. Not the red of flames or the blackened plateau. The bridge, even it was green. (Site #9)
Mad Memoires XI: Flames of Renewal

In which a rebellious village goes up in flames.

—Walk in cadence with King Thorn's shattered subjects. They keep their hatred deep within. (Site #10)
Mad Memoires XII: Descension

In which Mad King Thorn is scattered to the four winds and departs for the underworld.


Continued from Act 1[edit]

Site # Location Map Description
Ascalon Settlement Mad Memoires VII-Handless map.jpg Start from the Ascalon Settlement in Gendarran Fields. Head north to flaming tower at the top of the hill. Scan Corporeal Field for the ghost, Cashel, in the doorway of the ruins just before the tower. When you inspect the suspicious location, the Drive back the hands of the accused thieves will start. Once you finish the event, Cashel will appear. He will tell you the king cut off both hands of the accused. If you didn't finish the first scavenger hunt Cashel will not talk to you.
Site 6 Ruins of Holy Demetra Mad Memoires VIII-Feast and Famine map.jpg Start at Demetra Waypoint in Ruins of Holy Demetra in Harathi Hinterlands. Head to Martyr's Tomb, Fenn is located in front of the Statue of Dwayna. He will talk with Maisie, who starves to death begging him to feed the children instead. Fenn will tell you the king allowed the people to starve after the famine.
Site 7 Sorrowful Sound Mad Memoires IX-Pains of Love map.jpg Start at Sorrowful Waypoint in Sorrowful Sound in Bloodtide Coast. Look for broken half-sunken ship south of the area, north of the bay of Laughing Gull Island. When you inspect the suspicious location, the Subdue the Mad Realm creatures until the door closes event will start. Defeat the four waves of candy elementals. When Seamarshal Bennu appears, talk to him. He will tell you how the king took his daughter as his wife. Then once he became tired of her, the king had her burned at the stake, and Bennu lead his entire navy to attack Lion's Arch.
Site 8 Greystone Rise Mad Memoires X-Tax-o'-Lanterns map.jpg Start at Seraph's Landing Waypoint in Greystone Rise in Harathi Hinterlands. Head up the stairwell to the west then head south across the bridge and into the storage room. Use Scan Corporeal Field to cause Rufus to appear. Talk to him. He will tell you the king had anyone who didn't pay taxes hooded with a pumpkin and hanged.
Site 9 Greenflin Plateau Mad Memoires XI-Flames of Renewal map.jpg Start at Bridgewatch Camp Waypoint at the Greenflin Plateau in Harathi Hinterlands. The spot is located on the southwestern pillar of the mossy bridge leading to Greenflin Plateau. Use the Candy-Powered Matter Meter's Scan Gaseous Field if Portia is not present on the field. Once Portia spawns, she will run to the southeastern field and the event Extinguish the flames in the village lost to time will start. The area enclosed by flames will cause damage as long as any flames exist. Use the Candy-Powered Matter Meter's Scan Aqueous Field to find a water bucket spawn point and put out the fires before the time runs out. Talk to Portia. She will tell you how her whole village was burned while she was spared to tell the tale.
Site 10 The Shattered Keep Mad Memoires XII-Descension map.jpg Start at Fort Cadence Waypoint in Fort Cadence in Sparkfly Fen. Head to the basement of The Shattered Keep and look by the ghostly furniture on the south wall. Use Scan Etheric Field and the spot will appear on one of the pillars next to the ghost barrel, underneath an unlit torch. Talk to Wynn to get the story. Note, there is a skill point challenge in this room, be wary.

Return to Tassi[edit]

Once you have obtained volumes VII-XII, return to Magister Tassi in Lion's Arch. Turn them in and she will mail you a copy of Mad Memoires: Complete Edition.


Magister Tassi

The Complete Collection of Mad Memoires!

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! With your assistance, the Durmand Priory has not only compiled the lost tome of the Mad King's life, but has appended it with yet-untold stories from his reign as king!

Do you remember how I was previously impressed by your brilliance? Ignore that memory! NOW I am in awe! Truly! I do hope we can work together again in the future.

—Magister Tassi

Mad Memoires: Complete Edition

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