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Norn (male)

  • Incomplete 0No
  • Races have been split due to length. Use side navigation for opposite gender and racial groups.


Curent image Notes Used by Destination file name Shared/uploaded? Good image?
Norn male merchant 1.jpg Norn Male Merchant alt 0No 1Yes
Norn male merchant 2.jpg Norn Male Service 0No 1Yes
Norn male merchant 3.jpg Male Norn Merchant 0No 1Yes
Aksel Oldrikker.jpg Norn Male Warrior
  • File:Norn male 1.jpg
0No 0No
Local.jpg Norn Male Hunter
  • File:Norn male 2.jpg
0No 0No
Begli.jpg Male Norn Smith
  • File:Norn male 3.jpg
0No 0No
Agnarr.jpg Norn Male
  • File:Norn male 4.jpg
0No 0No
Chef Mestergruff.jpg Male Norn Mc.Braided Beard
  • File:Norn male 5.jpg
0No 0No
Alfrad Brewerson.jpg Norn Male Brewer
  • File:Norn male 6.jpg
0No 0No
Norn male 7.jpg Male Norn Fancy Pants 1Yes 1Yes
Lars Orjjan.jpg Norn Male Shaman
  • File:Norn male 8.jpg
0No 1Yes
Bragi Drakesbreath.jpg Sir Male Norn Eagle Head
  • File:Norn male 9.jpg
0No 0No
Bjalfi Lonestead.jpg Male Norn Green Outfit
  • File:Norn male 10.jpg
0No 1Yes
Kjell the Artisan.jpg By Ogden's Hammer!
  • File:Norn male 11.jpg
0No 1Yes
Norn male 12.jpg Male Norn Cool Guy Wannabe 1Yes 1Yes
Birgalf.jpg Male Norn Mohawk Bro
  • File:Norn male 13.jpg
0No 0No
Norn male 14.jpg Male Norn Head Bandana Thing 1Yes 1Yes
Cordin Danfjur.jpg Male Norn with Cleavage
  • File:Norn male 15.jpg
0No 0No
Bron.jpg Male Norn (White Ponytail)
  • File:Norn male 16.jpg
0No 1Yes
Bagred the Hunter.jpg Male Norn Wolfborn
  • File:Norn male 17.jpg
0No 0No
Norn male 18.jpg Male Norn Badass 0No 0No
Isvar.jpg Male Norn Wolfborn
  • File:Norn male 19.jpg
0No 0No
Scout Engir Barrelfist.jpg Male Norn Wolfborn alt
  • File:Norn male 25.jpg
0No 0No
Kolijn Johansson.jpg Male Norn Colin
  • File:Norn male 20.jpg
0No 0No
Bann.jpg Male Norn Hunter alt
  • File:Norn male 21.jpg
0No 0No
Lodge Keeper Kevach.jpg Male Norn Tats and T
  • File:Norn male 22.jpg
0No 0No
Corvin the Skaald.jpg Sir Male Norn Mc.Raven Face
  • File:Raven Shaman.jpg
0No 0No
Filipus Ironshaper.jpg Male Norn Weaponsmith
  • File:Norn male 23.jpg
0No 0No
Fastulf Jotharsson.jpg Male Norn Wolf Spokesman
  • File:Wolf Shaman (male).jpg
0No 0No
Arriske.jpg Male Norn Service Tattoo alt
  • File:Norn male 24.jpg
0No 0No
Norn male 26.jpg Male Norn Big Burly Mail 1Yes 1Yes
Shaman Sigarr.jpg Male Norn Furs
  • File:Snow Leopard Shaman (male).jpg
0No 0No
Scholar Worfmir.jpg Norn Male necromancer
  • File:Norn male 27.jpg
0No 0No
feel like both pictures have non-neutral colours
Black Lion Agent.jpg Male Norn Mustache
  • File:<name to be determined>.jpg
1Yes 1Yes
Shaman Vigmarr.jpg Male Norn Wolf Shaman alt
  • File:<name to be determined>.jpg
0No 0No
Daav.jpg Male Norn Bear Shaman
  • File:<name to be determined>.jpg
0No 0No
Veteran Jackdaw Sapper.jpg Male Norn Pirate
  • File:Veteran Jackdaw Sapper.jpg
0No 0No
Gamal.jpg Male Norn Kiddo
  • File:Norn boy 1.jpg
0No 0No
Norn boy 2.jpg Male Norn Kiddo 2.0 1Yes 1Yes
Joel (norn).jpg Male Norn Kiddo 3.0
  • File:Norn boy 3.jpg
0No 0No
Beer Steward Ardoln.jpg Male Norn Janitor
  • Check, may rotate models, as French wiki has completely different picture
  • May also be a refugee blacksmith model as seen on the German wiki
  • File:<name to be determined>.jpg
0No 0No