Beer Steward Ardoln

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Beer Steward Ardoln is a norn cleaning Cragstead's brewery.



How can I help you?
Looks like Cragstead's seen better days.
We're doing beter now than ever before. You're just seeing our battle scars from the Molten Alliance attacks. We wear them proudly—they remind us of what we overcame.
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Good for you.
Have any juicy bar gossip?
Not much in the way of gossip around here. The Molten Alliance invaders hit us hard. Our tales are survival stories and tragedies.
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That's unfortunate.
This place is a mess! Someone's been slacking off.
No way! I work my knuckles bare here. It was the Molten Alliance that tore this place up. We're still recovering from their raids.
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A likely excuse for laziness.
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I'm fine, thanks.