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Shared Model Project

The main focus of the Shared Model Project is to find npcs who share a model and have them use the same image. This is to eliminate the need to constantly find the NPC in game and hope for a good picture, not to mention replacing badly taken photos with a good standard ones.

Shared Model Project
Major Races
Multi-Race Groups
Minor Races
  • TenguObjects
  • Minor races, alphabetically sorted:
    NOPQRST • U • VW • X • Y • Z


Please feel free to add your name here if you are helping or want to help.

Current News[edit]

  • SotO news!
  • The way the info is stored has been overhauled by Alex in June, so it's easier to maintain.
  • It's been a month since the expansion, which added a lot of new shared models.
  • Added new multi-race group under "A" (Astral Ward), and a new minor race group under "K" (Kryptis). There are some other models that need to be sorted, like the skyscales or aether hunters.
  • A bit late, but EoD project news!
  • Added new human, racial and bestiary groups under appropriate pages.
  • With the growing amount of categories and groups, might need some reorganizing to make it easier to navigate.
  • Most animals are still missing from the project.
  • First project news in almost 4 years.
  • Halloween-themed models needing updates:
    • All Halloween creatures, Lunatic Courtiers and many others.
  • The new expansion hits, blowing up the number of human npcs. The Human Racial groups and misc Groups got split into two separate pages due to length, but the Human Racial Groups are still pretty long even after being split.
  • A Races finally got made because of Awakened. Yay! Still no idea what to about animals though...
  • A naming scheme has been determined for orders/groups.
  • As the the project's sections are largely more complete now, sweeps can be made for NPCs who should be listed either with their model or as unique as appropriate.
  • Doodle is still very transparent and has stopped counting her own death toll... >_>
  • The project has been around for a year. Woot!
  • All of the races are finally split up into three pages.
  • There is now a page for shared objects.
  • Doodle still has no sneaky NPC and is still dying to NPCs. >_>
  • Humans got split into two pages because there were just too many.
    • Contemplating splitting the other race pages as well as for easier editing. Input requested.
  • Only groups that still have nothing are minions and Risen. Yay!
    • Doodle, after thoroughly being grossed out with the new raid wing refuses to do the Risen, as likely to puke. (seriously)
  • Doodle has a bot so images can be moved easily after a name is figured out. Woo!
  • Contemplating a page for shared model objects. Input request.
  • Still no idea about the A races, which is really just animals.
  • Current number of deaths due to picture taking for the project since the project began:
    • Doodleplex: 5+ (I forgot to keep track, probably at least 6)
    • Konig: 3 (still just three while model hunting)
    • Falren: 0, Sneak Gyro ftw!
  • Season 3 NPC! Bloodstone! Stuff!
  • We have more people helping! Yay!
  • We have the a good chunk of stuff listed! Yay again! Stuff that still needs help: Chak, Charr, Hylek, Kodan(I think?), Mordrem & Mushrooms (because HoT)
    • Risen still have nothing because Doodle doesn't like zombies
    • The A Races still doesn't have a page because reasons (Just leave it for now)
  • Current number of deaths due to picture taking for the project since the project began:
    • Doodleplex: 5 (still no stealthy person ;_;)
    • Konig: 3 (stealth thief ftw - dat blighted pale tree and keeping me from screenshotting blighted firstborn!)
    • Falren: 0, Sneak Gyro ftw!
  • Doodleplex goes on Vacation. She will do the Human, Norn, Charr, and Skritt when she returns. (More of an FYI than news but...)
  • A temporary page to list currently unique models can be found here: User:Doodleplex/Sandbox6, list unique models here for now and NOT on the project, it'll make more sense when I get back if it doesn't make sense right now
  • Most pages have been made, and there actually is a whole group of NPCs completed (Destroyers).
  • The Orders, Asura, Sylvari and the the B, C, E, J, L, O, Q, T, V, and W races have all their content, now to sort it out.
  • Four people have contributed to the project (Ventriloquist added a missing bat model)
  • Current number of deaths due to picture taking for the project since the project began:
    • Doodleplex: 3
    • Konig: 0 (stealth thief ftw)
    • Falren: 0, Sneak Gyro ftw!

More information[edit]

  • When new content is released some models(excluding Major Named Characters) will be unique do to being new, but additional content to expand on the new content often makes models shared(an example being the Raid Wing making a mushroom npc model shared). If a model from a new release is not shared within at least a year, it should be designated as unique and moved to the unique model page(currently a sandbox).
  • If an NPC's model is randomly generated (for example Klunn's appearance changes) DON'T constantly switch the picture. Just pick whichever model it uses that has the best picture and notate it on that NPC's page and next to it's name here as well.
  • If an NPC itself is unique but shares a model with a tonic (example Festive Dolyak and Endless Gift Dolyak Tonic) then technically it is a shared model, just with the tonic instead of another NPC
  • If an NPC uses a weapon not used by another NPC or is permanently in a pose such as sleeping, sitting or kneeling, it counts as a unique model. If the pose or weapon is shared with another NPC that uses that model, however, it is shared, just with the npc that uses that pose or weapon.
  • For image quality, refer to Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/Darkroom.
  • If a new picture needs to be taken for an model that is used by many NPCs, try to make the background as ambiguous as possible, ie the NPC could be anywhere
  • For taking pictures of asuran NPCs, only take them while on an asura character for a straight on shot
  • If the following icons are after names it means:
Scout (map icon).png/Complete heart (map icon).png 1Yes = Renown Heart/Scout NPC location either matches Standard Model or close enough to where it doesn't matter
Scout (map icon).png/Complete heart (map icon).png 0No = Renown Heart/Scout NPC location doesn't match Standard Model image's location (Model is shared)
Durmand Priory (order icon).png, Order of Whispers (order icon).png or Vigil (order icon).png = refers to them being in an order and the model does not reflect so
Model/Curent Image Notes Used by Destination File Name Shared/uploaded? Good Image?
<best or best available image goes here> Description to determine file name and any notes
  • name of NPC - 1Yes <- Notates if sharing the current image
  • name of NPC - 0No <- Notates not if not sharing the current image
  • <desired file name here, even if it does not yet exist>
1Yes or 0No
1Yes, 0No or 0No
  • 1Yes/0No = The image is shared but not currently at the desired file location or does not have an adequate picture yet
  • Please list NPCs in the table alphabetically, it makes things easier to find.
  • Quaggans and Skritts are Doodle's BFF. No touchie.


Major Races Multi-race Groups Minor Races A - F Minor Races G - N Minor Races O - Z

0No Asura‎

  • 0No Inquest
  • 0No Peacemakers‎

0No Charr‎

  • 0No Ash Legion‎
  • 0No Blood Legion‎
  • 0No Flame Legion‎
  • 0No Iron Legion‎
  • 0No Renegade‎
  • 0No Sentinels‎
  • 0No Dominion

0No Humans

  • 0No Bandits‎
  • 0No Ebon Vanguard‎
  • 0No Ministry Guard‎
  • 0No Separatists‎
  • 0No Seraph‎
  • 0No Shining Blade

0No Norn‎

  • 0No Sons of Svanir
  • 0No Wolfborn‎

0No Sylvari‎‎

  • 0No Nightmare Court‎‎
  • 0No Wardens‎‎

0No Orders

  • 0No Durmand Priory
  • 0No Order of Whispers
  • 0No The Vigil

0No Others

  • 0No Aetherblade
  • 0No Consortium
  • 0No Lionguard
  • 0No Pirates

0No Aberrants
0No Ambient creatures‎
0No Astral creatures
0No Bats‎
0No Bears‎
0No Birds‎
0No Branded
0No Canines‎
0No Centaurs
0No Chak
0No Constructs‎
0No Crustaceans
0No Demons
1Yes Destroyers‎
1Yes Devourers
0No Dolyaks
0No Drakes
0No Dredge
1Yes Elementals‎
1Yes Ettins‎
1Yes Exalted‎
0No Fallen
0No Felines
0No Fish‎
1Yes Fleshreavers

0No Ghosts‎
1Yes Giants‎
0No Golems‎
1Yes Grawl‎
0No Griffons‎
0No Grubs‎
0No Halloween creatures‎
1Yes Harpies
0No Holograms
0No Hylek‎
0No Icebrood
1Yes Imps
1Yes Insects
0No Jotun
1Yes Karka‎
0No Kodan
0No Krait‎
0No Krakens
1Yes Largos
0No Minions‎
1Yes Minotaurs‎
0No Moas‎
0No Mordrem‎
0No Mushrooms‎
0No Nightmares‎

0No Ogres‎
0No Oozes‎
0No Plants
0No Porcines
0No Quaggans‎
0No Raptors
0No Risen
0No Saurians‎
1Yes Skale‎
0No Skelk‎
0No Skritt‎
0No Spiders‎
0No Steam creatures‎
1Yes Tengu
1Yes Trolls
1Yes Twisted Watchworks‎‎
1Yes Vampire Beasts
1Yes Wind Riders‎‎
0No Wintersday creatures‎‎
1Yes Wurms‎‎
1Yes Wyverns‎‎