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Sylvari (female)

  • Incomplete 0No
  • Races have been split due to length. Use side navigation for opposite gender and racial groups.


Curent image Notes Used by Destination file name Shared/uploaded? Good image?
Sylvari female 1.jpg Female Type 1 purple hair bikini 1Yes 1Yes
Sylvari female 2.jpg Female Type 2 - Tier 1 Light armor green hair 1Yes 1Yes
Sylvari female 3.jpg Female Type 3 - Tier 1 Light armor red hair 1Yes 1Yes
Banker (sylvari).jpg Female Type 3 alt - yellow skin
  • File:Sylvari female 3(alt).jpg
0No 1Yes
Sylvari female 4.jpg Female Type 4 Green ponytail orange overalls 1Yes 1Yes
Sylvari female 5.jpg Female Type 5 pixie cut leather looking armor 1Yes 1Yes
Sylvari female 6.jpg Female Type 6 - short brown hair 1Yes 0No
Sylvari female 7.jpg Female Type 7 firstborn medium armor 1Yes 0No
Heulwen.jpg Female Type 8 heavy armor
  • File:Sylvari female 8.jpg
0No 0No
Gardener Leigheara.jpg Female Type 9 Blue face orange/yellow skirt
  • File:Sylvari female 9.jpg
0No 1Yes
Carmel.jpg Female Type 10 - short hair w/ staff
  • File:Sylvari female 10.jpg
0No 0No
Worker Idian.jpg Female Type 11 Red bikini pale skin
  • File:Sylvari female 11.jpg
0No 0No
Dinaden.jpg Female Type 12 Short hair lil "black dress"
  • File:Sylvari female 12.jpg
0No 0No
Myrtle.jpg Female Type 13 Sylvari white medium hair
  • File:Sylvari female 13.jpg
1Yes/0No 1Yes
Brigh.jpg Female Type 14 green fluffy bikini pale skin
  • File:Sylvari female 14.jpg
0No 0No
Cymbel.jpg Female Type 14 wispy hair sarong
  • File:Sylvari female 14.jpg
1Yes/0No 1Yes
Zedyronea.jpg Female Type 15 Green bikini
  • File:Sylvari female 15.jpg
0No 0No
Kouris.jpg Female Type 16 - blue dress
  • File:Sylvari female 16.jpg
1Yes/0No 0No
Aliss.jpg Female Type 17
  • File:Sylvari female 17.jpg
0No 0No
Melina.jpg Female Type 18
  • Technically it's the same NPC, but there are two pages for it
  • File:Sylvari female 18.jpg
0No 0No
Arwenda.jpg Sylvari female 19
  • Both of these are historical
  • File:Sylvari female 19.jpg
0No 0No
Sylvari female 20.jpg Sylvari Female Type 20 - dark green skin dark blue outfit 0No 0No


  • No picture: Pale Reaver
  • Gender unknown: Pale Reaver Scout
  • Check in game models - some may have changed or alternate
  • Lionguard Sylvari female with no armor may be new row as several have swords, doesn't really feel very different, check
  • Astorra and Thainre may be the same, but the latter's picture is horrible. Get better picture to deteremine