Farmhand Albin

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Farmhand Albin is raising the pigs at the Stronghold of Ebonhawke.


Event involvement[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png
Get the animals back in their pens (31)


Haha! Just look at these piggies, all hairless and pink. Can you imagine them trying to live in the snow? Ridiculous. I just can't stop watching them.
Talk more option tango.png
So you think they're cute?
Cute? No! Norns admire great beasts with strength and worth! Not creatures like this, with their little wrinkles and pink noses that root through the dirt. Oh, look! Did you see what that one just did? Haha!
Talk end option tango.png
Right. Enjoy your cute pigs.
Talk end option tango.png
Have fun with that, I guess.
During Get the animals back in their pens
Hey! Little lost piggies, can you hear me? Those little porkpies probably don't even know the way home. They'll have to be led back into their pen.
Talk more option tango.png
I'll help. Give me a herding crop.
Here. Just a flick to their hindquarters should get them heading in the right direction. Won't hurt 'em a bit. It's one of the few things I've been able to train them to do.
Talk end option tango.png
Sure thing.
Talk end option tango.png
You should get on that, then.